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I miss them. :(
So I thought I'd post some! :D
Here's a couple to start you off, I used to Love these little guys:
YouTube - Smiths Crisps (Singing Spuds) - 1980's UK Advert

YouTube - Smith's Crisps - Jackets - UK Advert

Feel free to post your favourites too. :cool:
Aaaah, country life:
YouTube - Country Life English Butter advert (1980s)

....and you spread it on your toast in the mooooorning. :D
YouTube - Country Life - Butter Turns Into Singers - 1981 - UK Advert

One you just HAD to sing along to:
YouTube - We hope it's chips
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"There can be only one!"
The Irn-Bru advert wasn't banned that I know of, but the Irn-Bru 32 one was banned.
The Shake'nVac I like is:
YouTube - Shake'n'Vac Ad 1990

YouTube - Funny tv adverts Classic British Tv advert (Hamlet cigars)

YouTube - Charley Says Always Tell Your Mummy

[Not an advert, but I have to 'Ad' it since Charley gets a mention, I might as well 'Ad' his song...]
YouTube - prodigy - charly

YouTube - Hai Karate TV ad

YouTube - Old Spice for christmas

YouTube - Hovis - Bike Ride

YouTube - Birds eye beef burgers tv ad

YouTube - Cadbury's Wispa Ad, 1984