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This is mostly for the older people like Jeanie, Angels and a few other members, or members that were hooked on old shows like;

All in the Family
Three's Company
Sanford and Son

And many more.

Do you think that old shows are better than what we get today, or you rather watch the new ones that have been released in the last ten years or so?

Personally I don't believe anything compares to the list I mentioned above. The characters were simply better back then and so was the back story of the show. There's quite a few new shows that are entertaining today, but I much rather watch the tv oldies episodes.

How about you guys?


Sally Twit
As far as comedy is concerned, nothing will ever beat Only Fools And Horses. I love and have loved more modern shows but I don't believe anything could ever top it.
I think every British person on this forum will say that they used to watch this or still watch old episodes to this day.
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Are we talking about just sitcoms? Or everything?

Because if everything is on the table, your list doesn't even compare to shows like The Shield, Rescue Me, Weeds, Dexter, or The Sopranos. Just to mention a very few.


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The shows back then were awesome even though they were made like 30-20 years ago. All In The Family and the Honeymooners were one of my all time favorite shows. But now you have to compare them to shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Cheers, Seinfeld and Two and a Half men to name a few so it's hard to make a choice to be honest with ya. But I have to pick one I'll have to pick the old shows because to me there unbeatable classics. But I do have a feeling my opinion will change 20 years down the road.


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I'm talking in general Kons, even game shows were better twenty to thirty years ago. Most of the game shows that we have today are pretty lame in my opinion.

I don't know why, but like Bliss sort of touched on comedy television shows aren't the same anymore...grant it there's a few out there that are hilarious but nothing compared to what it once was.

We don't have characters like The Fonz, Archie Bunker, Sam Malone anymore and it's a real shame.
One-hour dramas are far surperior now than they were 20+ years ago.

As for comedies, I still prefer a Seinfeld or a Modern Family to anything on that list.

While there are a lot of shows now that flop and turn out to be awful, I am sure just as many flopped back then. To me it isn't even close, I have no interest in anything from that era, as I have hard time relating to it and a lot of times, I just find it boring.

But I do know a lot of people that like those shows and find them to be far more entertaining than anything nowadays. I guess that is what makes the world so great. Haha.


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I agree with Kons, the new one hour dramas blow the old ones out of the water. They are near movie quality productions now. Game shows are about the same. There are very few worth watching and every once in a while a new one will get popular like Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. I think the lot of the new sitcoms are stupid. It's like they've run out of ideas and the humor is lame or recycled. I don't like many old sitcoms either though, so I guess it just depends on your sense of humor. If you want to go REALLY old, I think I Love Lucy is one of the best sitcoms ever.


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They do a lot of reruns here of old shows (little house on the prairie, Dallas, etc). I'm not sure if it's nostalgia that's making them popular or they're really good in terms of plot that it can hook even the new generation. However I think recent thriller shows like 24 (yeah, coz I'm biased) are not only good but benefits from tv technology we have today that wasn't there before. They're more enhanced which makes for good entertainment.


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As far as cop/detective shows go, I think they've gotten worse, and better at the same time. With what theyve detracted from the plot, they've added to the characters and back story.

In shoes like Columbo and Murder She Wrote, you learn hardly anything about the main characters themselves (Well, with murder she wrote, in later seasons, the show entered the era where acting got better in the shows, and so you learned more). But then you get shows like NCIS , CSI:Miami, where the plot is there, but then you're getting the actors flashed at you and the whole back story right from the get go. I like it either way, but thats the difference I've seen.

The old sitcoms I love. The sitcoms that came out when I was a kid or that were on while I was a kid, I loved. The ones that are coming out now adays, I rarely enjoy. The comedy seems so rehashed! Constantly I see a joke and go 'oh hey, i seen that one done in such and such a show'. Comedy on TV is getting lame in my opinion. Too much about sex, and not enough physical humour. I wanna see someone fall down!

Oh and before I hit submit, I just wanna say <3 M.A.S.H I've watched all the seasons. Amazing show, and you learn a good bit about the harsher side of the vietnam war. An excellent mix of drama and comedy I say.
I love the older shows, but maybe I shouldn't be judging because I don't give the news ones much chance. I just love old music, old films, I figured I probably like the old shows better too.. so I stick with them. You simply cannot beat older British comedy, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, there is some really great stuff out there right now.