Old School vs. New School

Discussion in 'NBA' started by TheSportsGuy, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. TheSportsGuy

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    What type of basketball do you prefer? Personally, I prefer the old school type of play. Where there were no outside shots, and where there wasnt as many flashy moves. I like a tough physical game, instead of the sh*t we have today where everything is a foul. Also the word TEAM and DEFENSE actually meant something to old school players.

  2. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    Its somewhat of a combination for me, I like the toughness of the old school which made it harder for players to score, but I also like the fashy dunks and crossovers that come with new school. But if I hard to choose I guess it would be new school.
  3. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    If by Old school you mean the mid 90's with all the grabbing and holding done by defense like the Knicks did, then you can have it.
    It let lesser skilled players thug out the better more skilled players and it was dreadful.
    The Rockets/Knicks NBA finals is the worst NBA Finals I have ever seen.
    If by old school you mean the 80's where team play was valued and even middle of the road teams like the Bucks had players passing and working together to effectively score, then Yeah I prefer those days. That's Why the Suns is one of my favorite teams to watch.
    some defensive players are fun to watch like The Glove used to be, or AK-47 is, but a lot of said defence was medicore to bad players getting away with being overly aggressive and 'hand-checking' like Derrick Harper did for the Knicks and made for a very ugly game.
  4. TheSportsGuy

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    Yeah, I meant the 1980's. I wouldn't really consider the 1990's 100% old-school, IMO it was just a turning point, and was focused on mostly one star (at the time, and you guys know who that is.)
  5. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I have to go with the new school. How can you not enjoy a team like the Pheonix Suns or seeing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony make those amazing plays every time they step on the floor? The only exciting from the old school as to be Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, but I am not even sure you can consider them old school, because they play like teams play today. And I totally agree with you Celtic Fan what a terrible series that was. People like to see the run and gun offence instead of good defence, that's why I hate the spurs so much when thwy make the finals.
  6. TheSportsGuy

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    Lol. I guess I'm one of the only people here that likes to watch good fundamental basketball. I was raised up that way (by a Celtics/Spurs fan as I said in a different thread) so it's natural to me. No doubt James, Wade, and Anthony all have skill with flashy moves, but I'll take old-school over new-school any day of the week.
  7. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    It's like this.

    we have the golden age (the 80's with crisp passing, even mediocre players who can hit 15 foot jumpers, Larry, Magic, Moses, Dr. J, Nique, Young MJ, and of course Jack Sikma!)
    the Dark Ages (most of the 90's if you ignore Jordan)
    The new Age (today's game with run and fun with the Sun's, Mello, Lebron, Wade, Garnett, Kobe (ugh), and better rules to open up the game)
  8. TheSportsGuy

    TheSportsGuy Guest

    "better rules to open up the game"? I'm not sure of that one. Basketball is a physical sport, but today's rules in the NBA have it pussied down.
  9. Cavspurs923

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    Old school it was so great to watch Jordan work his magic and the intencity of the old school was bar none. And Bird and Magic rivalry was great for years new school can't touch it.
  10. Celtic Fan

    Celtic Fan Guest

    true, but the Pistons ruined that by taking it too far and then Pat Riley had to imitate that with the lack of talent they had surrounding Patrick Ewing....

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