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Old PPV Reviews


Registered Member
I apologise if this has been done before but if it has not been it is something I think could be interesting. Most of us on here have the WWE Network and therefore have the back catalogue of almost anything. I think sometimes though the problem is that each of us have a mindset of what we want to watch. I for example enjoy watching more from 2000 and beyond WWF.

The reasons are simple:

I don't watch WCW because I have been conditioned to think it is crap.
I don't watch pre 1999 WWF because I have been told that before the AE it wasn't worth watching
I don't watch ECW because it is just violent for the sake of it

This I want to state are MY preconceptions and I know deep down they are incorrect. The problem I have is I cannot get past this. And so with a lot of rambling here is my simple idea, each month one of us choose a old PPV that we all review, it can be any brand, any ppv and any year. If it can be found on the Network it counts.

Would anyone be interested in this? Put your answers and ideas down below, I really hope others are interested because I really think this could be good.


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Feel free to proceed any way you want. Personally, I like this. I don't remember who but someone in the old board before we merged with Popmalt did it for the Monday Night Wars era and it was really good as he covered all 3 promotions.

But I think we should be open to cover more than just WWE, WCW or ECW. If someone wants to dive into Japan or Mexico or any indy promotions like ROH or even another local promotion, go ahead. I think the goal of those threads would be to make us discover some stuff that we haven't seen before or perhaps haven't seen in a while. The best way for new talents to be built is to spread the word.

I'd be interested to do this once in a while. I'd probably do something about reviewing a match in particular once in a while and sometimes, a full show review.