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Old Gold or Snazzy Silver?

Do you like gold or silver?

  • I'm a golden gal/guy all the way!

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Registered Member
Which metal do you like better? To me, gold can look cheap, meh, or ugly too easy. I've always preferred the look of silver.


I'm serious
I prefer silver as well. Or silver looking things, like white gold or platinum. I don't do gold as far as jewelery is concerned. It doesn't suit me at all.


A Darker Knight
As far as jewelry goes, I think gold is very tough to pull off. Not many people can do it without looking tacky, but I'm still gonna go with gold. It's always going to retain its value and probably go up in value. Not to mention it has some pretty cool chemical properties. :cool:


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I went with silver on this one. My class ring in high school I picked silver over gold and I also picked silver garland for my Christmas tree over gold haha.

I don't necessarily have anything against gold; I Just like silver better.


Registered Member
White gold or silver for me as well :)


Well-Known Member
Silver or White Gold here too. My engagement ring was actually white gold because I refused to go the gold route. I will always choose white gold over silver though, I absolutely love it.


Registered Member
I voted "depends/I like both" cause sometimes I like both together. I dont like gold by itself but I do like some things that are silver and gold.
But if it has to be one or the other, then it would def be white gold, silver, or platinum. I just dont think yellow gold looks very good by itself.


Registered Member
Silver every time for me I have a white gold wedding ring but I wouldn't ever, ever, ever wear yellow gold. I have a load of hand made individual pieces of jewellry all in silver. It lends itself much more to the adition of colour in the form of stones, beads and the like.