Old Board Games


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I only played once and it was probably 2 years ago maybe, I don't remember....but yeah, it's pretty fun, I think you'd like it. Not very complicated to play once you get the gist of it.


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Monopoly and Risk were huge staple board games in my family. They always ended in fighting and strife. Good times, good times...

A few other interesting ones we used to play as kids.

-4 way chess (uses 5 boards and 4 sets of pieces)
-LEGO Time Cruisers
-Star Wars - The Battle for Naboo

Some older board games I’ve only discovered in the last few years... Scotland Yard, Clue, Axis and Allies (1942).


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That reminds me that I bought Zombicide 2 many years ago and still haven't played it yet since I don't have a clue how to play it (I actually mixed the game with another board game I used to play that had zombies as the backstory of the game).