Old Board Games


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When you were a kid what kind if board games did you get as a gift if you did?

Kerplunk Yahtzee
Operation Monopoly
Hi Ho Cherry O Life

There's so many more that I would be here forever.. So what old board games did you get or remember as a kid?


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I loved board games and still do. I play yahtzee on my phone all the time and I'm sure my parents still have the actual game.

We played Monopoly drinking games in college, that's how super cool we were haha
Board games are fantastic. Still play them to this day.

Monopoly is an all time favorite. It has ruined friendships, caused fights... just an absolutely marvelous game. Haha.


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Oh yeah, Monopoly is always a must. I purchased the WWE edition they did about 5 years ago, only to find out that they did a more recent. Still haven't played it but that's a nice collectible to have.


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We play board games on holidays when kids come for dinner. This year was the card game Munchkin and it was a hilarious take-off on the Warcraft type games. Last year was the train game, Ticket to Ride, which Husband is playing on his ipad now. Blokus is a favorite too, and Rummy Royal, Triominoes, Chinese checkers...


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Used to play: Parcheesi, Trouble, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Risk, Life and probably a lot more.


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Used to love playing Snake and Ladders. Me and my brother played that game so many times.

Was not a big fan of Monopoly, though.


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I'm in the minority because I always hated Monopoly. I prefer card games like Cards Against Humanity or Apple to Apples over board games, but do own quite a bit of them. My favorites were Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, with Risk coming in at #3. Recently, I've been really into Pandemic on game nights.


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Actually, I almost bought it at Chapters and then at the last minute bought What Do You Meme instead. It's not as good as I thought it would be, though. How good is Exploding Kittens? I know it's done by the same guy that doe The Oatmeal comics, so that encourages me to give it a go.