Oklahoma 911 call


Hell, It's about time!
Please remember Oklahoma has 'Castle Law'

This woman was more then justified in this shooting. Word has it this guy had a criminal wrap sheet as long as my arm. Looks like he finally ran across the wrong person. This video should put to rest that regular law abiding gun owners are not gun crazed maniacs looking for trouble, but will use our guns (as this woman did) if needed.

YouTube - Raw Video: 911 Records Homeowner Shooting, Killing Intruder
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Do What Thou Wilt
DAMN STRAIT! too bad our poor friends across the drink aren't afforded the same rights.......

Now this is the perfect scenario as to how home defense should be. Home owner hears intruder, calls cops, give them the low down, and then does what needs to be done. I applaud her for being so brave, and like she said, may god help her, because he in the end decides whats right or wrong.