Okay, so I'm being a little more shallow than I normally am...


... but I am having trouble with my hair. It has gotten REALLY long.

... yeah. It's gotten a bit out of hand. So, I am contemplating a haircut. However, it's been really difficult for me to find a good haircut for curly hair. So, I am asking for your guys' help. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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I'm not sure but if you cut it really short you should try to donate it. :]
If it's for anything besides a wig, yes. My mom bought some when she had chemotherapy, and the wigs of real hair were harder to maintain, itchy and shorter lasting that synthetics.


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a razor cut is where they stylist takes a razor to the ends of your hair, wherever he/she is cutting it, and you get ends that are kind of spiky. the effect is to lighten your hair and make it look less heavy than if it were cut all the same length. your curls will be bouncier


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I def. agree with going with layers. My hair is pretty long and I am in love with getting layers everytime I go to the hair dresser.