Okay, John Cena


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As most of you know I've been a huge supporter of John Cena because he is the face of the WWE Franchise. What I am about to rant on isn't even his fault really...it's the way the WWE chooses to book him.

Honestly, this is the same as it was with Hulk Hogan but I was a stupid kid back then and it didn't bother me. This is the new kid age...when I was 10 Hogan and Warrior were like Batista and Cena. McMahon is branding his product to kids so that they are life long wrestling fans like myself. I get it, it just annoys me right now because I am so tired of superman Cena.

They build him too strong...he doesn't need it. They've dumbed down his in ring wrestling style too...ala Hogan. Its stupid. His older matches were awesome...its just not the same anymore.

Its not Cena's fault...he's a company man doing what they ask but I've had about enough of the same ole shit every week.


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Welcome to my world . . . you're two years late.

haha I know man. I was okay with it though at first and for a long time...he was over and I got it.

Right now its just the same thing every single god damn week and nothing changes. The Undertaker evolved over the years...Cena is not. He's doing nothing to better his character.

Unless you count him switching to John Deere colors from blue and red...lmao.


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The WWE functions very much on one principal:

1. If it's broken, break it some more. Then slap a logo sticker on it.


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I totally agree with you Millz, but like you said you believed it when you were ten years old with Hogan and Warrior, well the ten year old kids today eat that type of stuff just like we did when we were younger and thought wrestling was still real. That's why they keep doing this with the likes of Cena and Batista. I don't like it, but it gets young kids buying merchandise and it sells.


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WWE go with the safe option, they are that scared to change things in case the fans don't buy into it that they just keep on rolling out the same old same old same old bullshit week after week after week after week ad nauseam.


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This is exactly what my dad says when he watches WWE now these days....

"Cena is boring now, he doing the same thing all the time, when he going to change"

That's my dad and his english for ya, but yea it isn't his fault....this time around WWE caters to it's kids and not to it's old time fans =(