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I <3 GF Okay, I wanted to explain something really quick.


Oh, poppycock.
I love you, folks.
I want to be a part of this community, but I know life has been crazy for me lately. Over the past week, I have been living in a hotel looking for an apartment while I can barely connect to the internet. Before that, it was a lot of planning and packing for this part of my life. I appreciate all your kind words. I read my rep comments for the first time in a while today and I realized that my thoughts are appreciated here.
The feeling of just being appreciated while I'm growing with who I am is totally invaluable. :D
I hope that once my life settles down and I have more down time that I can continue to be part of this community. It is always nice to know that through the insanity of life and this weird limbo period that I have a place to go where my thoughts are valued.

Sorry for the ramble(I'm sorry if this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Just wanted to get my message across while I actually have internet connection), but this is the bathroom wall after all.


Free Spirit
Staff member
We love you too and I wish you luck and hope things improve for you soon. Would love to see you on more.

No problem with the rant, sometimes it helps to do so.


Creeping On You
Glad we could have that affect :D Can't wait to see you around more!


Registered Member
Your message deserves to be somewhere more important than the bathroom wall. Just sayin'.

Looking forward to your return!


Embrace the Suck
Cait, I've always enjoyed reading your posts. I truly hope to see you around more. You're an important part of this community and we love you too.


Registered Member
Ok so I'm not an established member here like the rest of you, and I know this message was probably not aimed at someone like me so I hope you don't think I'm butting in, but anyway...

My 2 cents: I've enjoyed reading all the posts I've seen from you. You seem like a lovely person, honestly. I hope to see you around here again soon :)