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Ok, who has their Christmas tree up already?


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Staff member
Ok, who has their Christmas tree up already? Who here is among the quick and trendy!

I certainly don't, but it's certainly that time of year already. :)


what? no pink?

I put my tree's up yesterday, and finished the rest of the decorating today. I don't really go over board with doco's. My daughter got her very own 4 ft tree this year. So now we both have a tree, and as much as I tried to talk her out of it. LOL she put it right next to mine :-/ well as I look at it, it's actually kinda cute :cool:


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Hey there--
I'm a newbie here, but when I read the post about the Christmas tree I had to respond. I am spending my first Christmas away from home and our family tradition was always to go get a big tree and decorate the day after Thanksgiving--I am living in a studio apartment and a tree is the last thing I need to crowd my place, but I bought a tiny pine in a pot the day after Thanskgiving in line with tradition. I only had three ornaments, but that is about all it can take :lol:


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Ours is going up this weekend, still abit early!


Wanna play?
Nope, no tree here yet. I put it off as long as possible because I hate cleaning needles everyday and watering it.
And NO, a fake tree would never enter my house, so I'll just keep
complaining about the real ones.:)


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We usually put the tree up the first weekend in December. I actually waited till the second week this year as we had to buy another tree. We do artificial because of the cat. My son destroyed the tree from last year. We have a 4 foot sitting on a table - covered with handmade ornaments and too many of my son's origami creatures.