Ok, what's the final verdict on the "Puppy-Monkey-Baby"?

The Puppy-Monkey-Baby is...

  • cute

  • horrifying

  • neither cute nor horrifying but I like it

  • meh...

  • I don't really like it but I'll roll with it...

  • Get that thing out of my face!

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I saw it for the first time the weekend before last and would be completely happy with never seeing it ever again.

I also just didn't think the commercial was particularly funny anyway.


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What I find interesting is how Mountain Dew would allow their product to come so close to be associated with drugs, since that's basically the effect of their "creative new mascot".

I don't consume their product, and probably wouldn't over (in order) NeuroSonic, NOS, and Amp, but still, I'm sure it's good and all and deserves something better than that.

That's what I think when I see their ads. Like "Are they trying to play on the druggie audience or market their product like an illegal substance?" Who wants to feature the product of a hallucination as the benefit of their product? Where the F is there to GO with this concept? That's what I don't get.