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OK what is tis e-mail about????


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I got this e-mail to my "put a fork in me" Auction.............

Hello,Am Sam Miller,
I work with Unicef,I reside in the States but currently out of the States for an official assignment and would like to procure this item for my girlfriend in London,England.I would like to know if this item is still available.Okay?I have some Questions for you?(1)-postal Money Order, (3)cashier check,..axccepted? I would like to know the (3)Final Asking Price Too?, And I would really appreciate your immediate response... So,get back to me with ur this info!!!..
With all this will give me the power to issue out a payment to u immediately,.Get back to me...

Ok and I answered it that he would have to use BIN and that the money order would have to be in USD ...ok now this is the second letter I got from him after I responded!

Thanks for the mail,i just want to tell you that is my client responsibility to take care of the shiping of the item but is not in UK that why he say that is going to add extra funds on the CHECK and once you cash it you will help him to wire it to the shipping that will come for the pick up of the item at your house.So i will like to ask you if i can trust you over this excess fund on the CHECK. can you wire the money the same day you receive the CHECK. ? So if you can do this pls get back to me with your info like Name,Address with your phone number.Your answer to this will give me a directive to instruct my client to issue out your payment asap.I will be awaiting your reply now.

OK hahahah is this one of those stupid e-mail you usually get from foriegn country's to get money from you?? Hahahah but now they are using Ebay to do it??? This is weird!!!! and he also wants it done the same day...hahah no bank will cash a CHECK the same day...yeah he wants my cruise money don't he???? hahah
I ain't tellin no one my phone number and addy especially since he did not do the BIN..hahahah


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Yea Its a scam trina.. I would ignore him. he Is not a seriuos buyer. Or do like others play along with him .Just dont give any real info
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Hahahah Yeah I want to play along....I mean you can tell that this is two different people.....the first one hardly mispelled a word...the other guy (last e-mail) mispelled so much......I can't believe they are using Auctions now to do this stuff.....man if I knew they would send the money hell yeah I would takem for what they had....but I know they want you to use your money.....not gunna happen!!!!!! hahahahah I mean I may be blonde sometimes hahahah but not THAT BLONDE!!! hehehehheh I am gunna e-mail him back though......I will post his next reponce if I get one......this could be fun!


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Hahaha. Yea they are all over they have been on ebay awhile, Your lucky that this Is the first time they picked you. But yea just dont trust them .


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I've gotten these before & reported them to ebay. Basically, they're trying to get your address & phone number so they can try hacking into your ebay & paypal accounts. Report whoever sent this to you...is my advice.


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Tell him you want him to go first!

"I would like YOU to send me your name and address and phone number FIRST and then send your check!" hehehehe


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Hahaha, I got one kinda close a while ago! They said they wanted one of my items for a wedding gift for a friend. They offered to send me extra money in the check or money order and wanted me to put "cash" inside the vase they purchased and then wanted me to send it out of the country to the people who were on their honeymoon. They offered to send me like 50 bucks extra for my trouble, and then wanted me to send them what ever change was left over in the shipping they sent me to be sent back to them through pay pal. I was thinking about it, but it almost seemed like they were starting to harrass me to get me to do it. I reported them and the next thing I know they were no longer a registered user any more.