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Ok, I'll do this


Embrace the Suck
Tell me if you want to know what I think about you.


Registered Member
First in again :lol:


Babeasaurus Sex
Me :)


Embrace the Suck

Dude, I think you're awesome. I'm glad Jeanie recruited you. If GF were the WWE I'd want you as my tag team partner :lol:

I love your passion about politics and your knowledge of the Constitution and history. I love how you incite discussion, even if it makes some mad. Keep posting buddy, this place wouldn't be the same without you.


You took a lot of shit in the beginning and stuck it out, I admire you for that. Your posts are well thought out and I like how silly you can get in ST. I wasn't sure about you in the beginning but you're a valuable member here and I'm glad you haven't left.


I heart you Kibs! You are so much fun and you're adorable. You add so much to this place and you fit in so well. I also miss reading your blogs. You have a talent for writing and like I told you in a PM a long time ago, you should always seek to share your talent, you really are very good.


I ♥ Haters
Yay! Do me next.