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OK, here is my shot at greatness


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hahaha cute cute cute...I always like when a auction has like the kid talking or now a dog...very cute...love it...I will be watching


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You are too funny!! I just added you to my watch list!! Good Luck!


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Thanks guys, I just did this one for fun. But in reality, my dog won't go near this toy....it is sitting up on a shelf in my office, and she growls at it every time she looks up and sees it...lol


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garetvet44 said:
That is a hilarious auction! Poor wiener dog....he has it very rough! :lol:
Yeah....such a rough life she has...lol

Ok so this auction isn't going too well...."sigh"

only about 87 hits, 7 watchers (probably all from this site) and no bids...oh well...lol

it was worth a shot.


I just got a notice from ebay saying that my dog toy auction is in violation! What the *#$&!!!!!

Somebody submitted it to wierdebay, I said thanks in the reply, and it was posted in the questions...for crying out loud, what is their problem!!!!!!
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