Ok change my middle name.........


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Ok I am nuts to do this but I couldnt think of anything else. I got gp to get my last auction , my wheelchair which by the way I get alot of stares and stopped.... even was stopped by the police but it was to check it out. lol
here is my current auction:

I hope I did that ok or not sure if that is allowed........ if not sorry andrew.
Ana aka nani1987 :eek:hno:


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I forgot to mention this to you when I noticed it on your last auction. You post many pictures in your auctions but nobody can see them except you.

For example, one of your pictures is linked from here:


That is a folder on your personal computer. The auction will look fine when viewed on your computer, but nobody else can see it because they don't have those pictures on their computer. All we see is red x's. :(

Images need to be hosted on the web somewhere or you can't embed them in HTML. (Well you can, but like I just pointed out, you will be the only one who can see them unfortunatey unless you host them somewhere.)

Hope that helps.