Ok, a question for the younger generation.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ILOVEUSA911, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. ILOVEUSA911

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    I have an absolutely gorgeous 20 year old granddaughter that works at a very high end bar.

    Every Thursday night they have like a theme dressup thingie.

    One night it was school girl night. So, she and the other really pretty bartenders dressed as school girls.

    So I go to her myspace and see the photos. It wasn't really really bad, but she did have on this little short skirt that showed her butt cheecks just a little. There were different pictures of her and the other girls dancing and playing around with lollipops.

    I got all bent out of shape. I mean here's my baby girl showin her butt cheeks (she did have shorts under the short skirt) to the world. I called her about it and and for the first time in her life she pretty much told me "Meemaw, it's my life and you just have to adjust". I got my feelings real hurt.

    I mean people can take those photos and use them for other things ya know.

    Do you think I was overreacting? She does have her head screwed on right, she's in college, working at night and is on the dean's list. She is also in her own house at the age of 20. Do I need to butt out?

  2. Vidic15

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    If you might have noticed, MySpace is a mass attraction to have pictures of teenage girls posing in their underwear and bras and what not. I've seen it all.

    I am not saying she's following the whole trend, but she is old enough to take responsibilty for herself.
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  4. ILOVEUSA911

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  5. Babe_Ruth

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    You have to understand that the more "sluty" (sorry to use that word) the more tips she gets. From my experience the hotter the waitress is the bigger tip I will give her, it might be wrong but that's just the way I feel. That's probably the only reason why she dressed up that way.

    Does she actually dress that way in real life? If the answer is no then you have nothing to worry about.
  6. EndWinterRomance

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    you answered your own question. trust her judgment. if you say she has a good head on her shoulders know that she knows the repercussions of her actions and maybe to her, the extra tips she would make are more important to her then a couple people seeing part of her butt. this is 2009 after all girls walk the streets in bikini lookin stuff.
  7. Mirage

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    Well, one thing is for sure, those pictures aren't going to come back and NOT bite her in the future. If they come back in the future, they'll bite her.

    That's not usually something any professional job recruiters would consider a positive for the work environment. A lot of job recruiters will do some MySpace and Facebook digging before hiring a potential candidate as well. Some won't care but in the professional world, aside from the entertainment industry, such pictures aren't going to give off a good vibe to potential employers.
  8. teron

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    I'll have to make my own judgement here, I'd either like proof of said pictures - or perhaps said gorgeous granddaughters name :lol:


    It's really not all that bad provided its in good fun. Besides, I've worked around female bartenders a ton, do you have any idea the $$ you can make if you show the slightest amount of skin?

    Guys, well sellout for that type of thing. And as long as her myspace isn't publicly viewable (i.e) only her approved friends has visit her page, then try not to kill yourself.
  9. EndWinterRomance

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    now wait i have a question..... is she a bartender or what? i know you said she works at a bar but she's 20..... 20 year olds cant work at bars......
  10. Bananas

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    Im not as young as your granddaughter, but yeah, todays generation are more liberal in some aspects, but also as you grow older you become more conservative yourself. Im not suggesting you had your butt cheeks out when you were 20, but Im sure there were probably a few elements of your lifestyle that upset your elders when you were that age.

    You can be greatful to some degree that she interacts with you on and shares her myspace so you can watch over her, that itself is a gesture of responsibility in her her confidence of you. Im sure many would be a little embarassed to share stuff like that with their Grandparents.

    That being said I dont think you should butt out(pun!), but instead be a little more subtle in your guidance especially as she gets older it is a little harder to condemn their actions. If you become a bit too much of a stickler she may shut you out and not share these moments with you.

    Like you said she has her head screwed on. Make sure it stays that way, I dont think flashing her butt will change that.

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