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OJ Simpson in jal (and the news) again


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Well OJ has gotten himself in some trouble again. A few nights ago he and several accomplices attempted to rob items that he claimed were originally stolen from him, from a sports memorabilia collector in his hotel room. The collector reported that several guns were pointed at him during the episode. OJ claims there were no guns present.

Bloomberg.com: U.S.

Odd way to pop back into the news. If they were stolen then why didn't he file a police report? Who knows. They may not have been stolen at all.

What did he think he was going to do once he left the guy in his room? It's not like the guy, who had several signed OJ items, wasn't going to know exactly who robbed him...

Strange indeed.


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Man, this guy is a moron. He thought the stuff was his even though he had to auction it all off.


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about time. i couldnt believe he got off just because the gloves found at the crime scene didnt fit the first time!