Oil Spill - Deja Vu

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    YouTube - Rachel Maddow- The more spills change_ the more they stay the same

    I pulled this out of a link on another thread. After watching it, it seems to me maybe the best solution to prevent another situation like this is to have more relief wells.

    side note - Every video I see of Maddow is great. I'll bet she leaves that crap network and finds herself on Fox by next year this time.

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    She could have used the 1969 Sanata Barbara oil spill, too. That was only 10 miles off the coast, I believe.

    It's depressing, but you're right that relief wells seems like a good idea (until we can ween ourselves off of petroleum to the point where ocean drilling isn't necessary). They were even sprinkling hay over oil to clean it up. And I have to say that I nearly shit myself when I heard, "operation sombrero" = "operation top-hat." I give her credit for this piece of investigative journalism (which is sad because it would have just taken a quick google to wikipedia to find it). Sad that our attention/memory span in this country is so short.
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    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    Yeah, I read that Sanata Barbara link you posted on the thread I pulled this video out of. Hopefully if any good comes out of this, it will be a reasonable debate about what are we going to do for energy not just in the future, but in the right now. We've got enough shale in the US to keep us going for 50 years. There has got to be a better solution than this.

    And this is probably another thread, but from bits and pieces I hear there is no white hats in this situation. The CEO of BP may end up in jail when this is over, the MMS took shortcuts and overlooked things, TransCon was not running the rig properly. This is just a gigantic screw-up.
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