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XBOX Original Oh Yes

Has anybody else played this game? I don't even own an Xbox, but I've borrowed my friend's and I've put over 60 hours into this game, on top of the 50 or so I put into the original release.
I find the combat to be so fun and challenging. You can't just mash buttons to get through the game, you need to experiment and learn some combos. The combat system is also surprisingly deep. For instance, while holding block, you won't absorb any nearby essence. Then you can roll and jump away from your enemies, then hit Y as you land to instantly absorb the nearby essence and go right into an ultimate attack. It's also extremely satisfying to do so.
I could go on and on, but I'll let you guys fill in the blanks.


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I heard Ninja Gaiden was AWESOME, but never played it. I'm assuming Black would be good too. It got insane reviews but I never played it. What seperates it from other games like it?
Well, the thing that really makes Black stand out as a re-release is the inclusion of a mission mode. You can go through 50 specially designed scenarios that throw crazy combinations of enemies at you. It's great because you can just start up the game and jump right into an insane battle. You have to beat the game once to unlock this mode however, but Black also has a new Ninja Dog mode, which is basically easy mode, so that means you don't have to be some sort of gaming god to unlock it, since a lot of people say the game is really hard, even on normal mode.
For every five missions you beat in mission mode, you unlock another five. And if you're good enough to beat the final set of missions, you'll unlock a secret.


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I've never played it either. Everybody says it's awesome though. There's still a lot of games I want to get. I haven't gotten a new game since last fall when I got Prime 2, Halo 2, and College Hoops 2k5. I need to start buying new games.
This game is driving me nuts. I'm playing through on the new Master Ninja mode (new difficulty, also the hardest) and it is seriously hard.
It actually hasn't been too hard up until now. I'm on chapter 10 and some seriously tough enemies are showing up much earlier than they normally do. It's rough, but that's what makes it fun.
I suppose for the hell of it, I'll mention that I beat it on Master Ninja mode. I went out of my way to also conquer some really crazy fiend challenges (fight 120 enemies consecutively) and got a really high score because it. I couldn't upload my final score since I only borrowed the game along with my friend's Xbox, but I did check the scoreboards on Live and saw that I ranked in at #26. :cool: