Oh yeah!


rainbow 11!
Now, everyone, it's time to stroke my ego and praise me for I have passed my driving test! In a year from the day I got my permit, I can go up to the DMV, give them my name and such, and they will take my picture and give me my license!! Woo!

Rep points for me!


good job.

i had stupid Driving Ed class freshman year and passed it, havnt done anything since after getting that slip..... I want to drive but too lazy to do all that stuff....

I need a job and a car too... im so damn broke.

junior now btw.


rainbow 11!
lol (at Tan.)

Oh, by the way, that test I took Wednesday, WASN'T my test.... That was just a little thing... But I did take it today and got a better grade on it than the other test. ^^ I got an 84 on the other and a 91 on today's test. Yay. So NOW I can get it. lol