Oh where, is my hairbrush!


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So we bought a new brush on Saturday and it just happens to have a comfort grip handle, with the gel type stuff that "molds" to you hand. Who they heck brushes their hair for so long they need a handle like that to prevent from getting hand cramps?!?!?! :confused:

Bonus points to anyone that knows where the title comes from.


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Um actually I wouldn't mind that lol it takes a while for me to brush through my hair no matter how much conditioner I have in it because of the length and thickness of it.


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You know it is said that you have to brush your hair 100 times every night. Maybe that's what the handle is for?


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you don't understand. you've found the long lost Excali-brush!

you're the chosen one. now you must become king of this realm.

this realm being your scalp.

veggie tales. And the only reason I actually looked @ this thread was because of how many posts it had already gottten.

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