Oh- the irony of this one is too much!!


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Still cruising the homepage featured and found an auction selling a t-shirt. Before you look, think about how much cash was spent on an auction for a plain ole white t-shirt with some writing on it. $39 for the homepage and $20 for the featured plus. Ok, now read what the shirt says:
:lol: :lol: :lol:


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I can see why they did it though. They have a lot of other stuff that they are selling that is shown in that auction. It links to many other shirts and some car posters from what I could tell.

Only 79 hits so far though.. Hardly worth $59 without any sales. Hopefully they sold some of their other stuff because of this. :)


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lol... I suppose that would make it true! 59$ is a LOT to spend... I hope for their sake they get some sales out of that. It must work, or else nobody would want to do it, right?


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That t-shirt is their loss-leader, I guess. I'm sure they are getting more attention to their other auctions with it, or, like karenlyn said - they wouldn't be doing it!


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That is funny, it would be even funnier if the arrow was poitning up at the wearer's face. I can't believe how long these shirts have been around. My daughter's friend has one and weras it all the time and noone will walf to that side of her.


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Can you believe that someone actually bought the tshirt for 8.99 plus shipping? :stare: You can make one for MUCH cheaper than that!