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"Oh that won't suit you"


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Have you ever really wanted to get a tattoo, piercing or change your hair colour or make up style? Then when you ask for someones opinion they say it won't suit you and it completely knocks your confidence? I want to know if anyone else has had this issue but has still gone through with it because they want it.

A couple of years ago I wanted an eyebrow piercing and around 4 weeks ago I finally got it done dispite all my friends telling me it would look bad and very unwomanly. -I haven't done 15 posts so I can't add a photo-

I was so worried about getting it done, because I didn't want it to look bad and I was worried about the pain, blood and healing process (I had lots of ear piercings and they hurt more than expected..). I can proudly say I didn't feel a thing when I got my eyebrow pierced, no blood, no infections.

Just goes to show - do what makes you happy and not others.
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Sally Twit
On some things I will always ask friends and family for their opinion because they will be honest - especially with things such as haircuts and changing the colour.

If I wanted a tattoo I would just get what I wanted. It is your body and you can brand it as you see fit. Same with piercings.


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i normally just ignore other peoples opinions about what i wear or do with my hair, i dont have any tats or piercings anymore (used to have ears but got infected because i was allergic to the cheap metal i wore once) if i wanted something i would just go with it at the end of the day it only matters if you like it because your the one who has to live with it. peircings and hair can be taken out or grown out so i wouldnt be too worried about anythin like that :)


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I love getting new tattoos ... I do them on impulse really. That's the only reason I've been told not to get tattoos, because I just decide I want on, and choose the first thing that comes to mind. I don't regret any of them though. So I win.

Hair colour though ... I'm a brunette and have been my whole life. I really wanted to go blonde, just cause I got so bored with being brown. I was really excited, told my friends and all I get is these looks of confusion and 'oh that won't suit you' blah blah blah, it sucks when people do that when you're excited about something ... suppose it's necessary to a degree though - at least they're honest. I never did get round to going blonde either.


Living in Ikoria
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I have two tattoos and I do have a friend or family member or two that say I don't seem like a tattoo person...I guess I don't necessarily, I'm usually clean cut and wearing a shirt with a collar...but it didn't deter me in getting the ones I have. And I know I'll be getting more, just in places that can be covered for professional reasons.


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It depends. There are people whose views are more significant to me than the others. Example if I wanted to cut my hair this style and 20 people tell me it doesn't suit me, but my boyfriend and best friend says it'll be awesome, then I do it. Although I do recognise if an expert opinion is offered.

I'm weird though, when I really want something, I don't care what everyone else says. I will do it and they'll have to deal. If I'm not passionate about my plan, that's the only time my decision can be convinced either way. Oh I do want a tattoo at some point, but I'm not that 100 percent about it.


When it comes to drastic changes I make sure to take into account the thoughts of my family/relatives/close friends. I'm not the type to ignore other people's opinions because it happens that they are right and I realize it later.

I would definitely ask my friends/family about tattoos / hair cuts .