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Oh, she's here...


New Member
Hi everyone! Yay forums! So yeah I'm new my name is Migle but if you want call me Brenna. Now I guess I'm sopposed to say who I am what I like and whatever. I don't have a job because I'm only 10 so that's not gonna happen... I love minecraft and love love LOVE mermaids! So yeah. I'm gonna go figure out how to use this thing cuz I'm on mobile... TWISE AS HARD!!!!

So yeah bye!:cute:


Creeping On You
First off, are you actually 10?

Secondly, welcome to the forum! You like minecraft and mermaids eh? Have you ever made a mermaid in minecraft yet? There's a small cult of minecraft enthusiasts here on the forum. Be sure to find the thread!

Actually, here's the link to the thread, http://www.generalforum.com/video-games/minecraft-super-fun-game-77205.html

Post some pictures of the things you've made!

Anywho, welcome here!


Registered Member

Have we ever had anyone as young on here? It's crazy.

Anyhow, get stuck in. We are a great bunch, don't be afraid to ask question, follow the rules, have fun...erm....more introduction stuff...erm....

See you around


Free Spirit
Staff member
Hi and welcome to GF. Can't believe your only 10.


Registered Member
Seconding all the 'can't believe it' statements, but nevertheless, welcome aboard. See you around, I expect!


Registered Member
Hello! Thats nuts that you are only 10 yrs old..My little 10 yr old sister likes mermaids too, not sure whats going on with the mermaids nowadays, but im surprised you wanted to join a forum instead of being outside..people my age, or at least me personally, isnt one to go run and play outside..lol

Hope you enjoy your time here! :)