Rant Oh.. No... Why?!


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Something crazy is going on!
for the second time in a row i have had a girl yell at me!
This time it was on the bus.
I was sitting on the bus and the bus was full..
A woman got on the bus and she walked up to me and looked at me..
I was like "Yes?" she like "I would like to sit" i was like "Um.. I bet you do." anyways... it turned into this big thing with me and her and a couple of other people about how i was not a man for giving up my seat and ect. I said "i am not going to treat you any different because you're a woman" She then called me a "Fa**et".... This is how it works.. You get on the bus and its 1st come, 1st serve. If you get a seat you get a seat. if not you use the pole thing and stand up. So then she stood there bad mouthing me to everyone who got on the bus when we got to the next stop. after about 3 stops she got off the bus. WTF is wroung with Girls. Where do they get their sense of entitlement?


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so one girl yells at me for opening a door..
then another girl yells at me for not giving her my seat??

They don't want special treatment, then they do...


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You should have told to get back to the kitchen and make you a cake!