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Xbox 360 Oh my - this special 360 was for sale on eBay


Registered Member
omg, i'm tired of seeing those "religious figures on stuff" auctions on ebay and what not. and this one is the worse, it just looks like dirt.

so does that mean jesus is a supporter of the xbox? will all christians/catholics follow his word and support MS for now on? nope, it's all bull crap.


Registered Member
Now, really, if this was really a divine happening, why exactly would Jesus want his image on a video game system box? It's purely coincidence, the packaging was damaged and if you look at it the right way it just happens to resemble a man who just barely resembles Jesus.

Ofcourse, I am a Christian, but I don't believe in all this "OMG, my alphabits say JSUSE, obviously Jesus decided to change my cereal into something resembling his name!" It's a freaking coincidence, they happen. Jesus isn't the only person people see in these things. Sometimes people can see themselves in this kind of stuff. Coincidence.

And plus, the 360 was on sale before they noticed it. When they did, they decided to add it to the auction so people might bid more cash.


Registered Member
I couldn't make out anything from that picture.

Just goes to show what some will try to do for cash.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with posting this. I couldn't believe it when I saw it.


Registered Member
I guess you can't blame him for trying, although any fake bid protests he got would have been deserved. A blurry picture of what doesn't even look like a human? 1/10 for effort, 10/10 for optimism.


Registered Member
i really don't see him in that pic. Also, that is a sh**ty picture, really horrid. I also don't like this kind of...stuff, you know? i don't like religion like being plastered all over and then people like that seller trying to make $$$ off of it.