oh man now I have my 19yr nephew living with us.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nani1987, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. nani1987

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    Instead of 3 boys now I have 4... My 19yr nephew is living with us.. and I told my husband he better get a job.. Our income not enough to take care of another..........he got kicked out of his parents house... I love him and all.. but I am wondering if I made a mistake in saying yes for him to stay with us... He been here already 2 weeks and has not really looked for job.. my son has but he is only 16. I would truly get upset if my son get one before him.. am i wrong to think like this...........? nani

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    We had hubby's cuz (39) living in our motorhome. No one else would take this cousin in, because of his past drug problems. We gave the cousin the facts: No alcohol, no drugs allowed (our boys were 15 and 17 at the time). He was recovering from leg surgery, and had many other problems. He was doing better, and was off the crutches. We were on his case, because he needed to find work, and I needed my motorhome back. Cuz was being lazy. We found out that he was basically watching t.v. all day long. He didn't trying until we gave him a cut-off date. Cuz had to be out of the motorhome by the end of October last year, and he needed to find a job and a place to stay. Cuz went to the Union Rescue Mission in Pasadena, and they gave him counseling(drugs and alcohol, plus mental help), which he seriously needed. Now the cousin is living in a rehabilitation house, and has job possibilities. When the cuz moved out, we all gave a big sigh of relief. Just don't let this slide by, because they can take advantage of the situation. Your nephew is living in your home, and must abide by your rules-including getting a job. If he is living there rent free, and eating your food, etc., then he needs to contribute.
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    thanks his parent are pissed at us for him leaving with us. I love my nephew but he is trying now... she this girl he use to date used him like crazy and there are alot of job here he can walk , my husband temporany disabled his car.. for now because he kept begging for someone to stop him from see this girl, yeah she had some sort of hold over him.. and let me say she sleeps around and still comes back to my nephew and he knows all about it and I can't stand this girl.. I hang up on her when she calls and she is not welcomed at my home....but i have rules in place and i hope he does get a job soon.. it will make it easy on him and us.........

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