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**There are some SMALL spoilers from RAW last night but nothing significant**

I need to get some things off my chest about RAW, the announcers, the booking, etc.

First things first...Jerry "The Queen" Lawler. To you I say shut your damn mouth before I am forced to shut it for you. Did anybody notice this idiot call Randy Orton RANDY SAVAGE last night on RAW? Well, he did. Vince hates Savage; Vince should fire the King over that. He also said that nobody has ever broken the masterlock. Uh, that's a lie. Oh so Lashley didn't do it? JBL didn't? Since they aren't in the company anymore its okay to say nobody has broken it? I must have missed where that was okay; ya know, to blantantly lie.

So here's another thing...at the end of the show. How stupid do the writers think we are? We know that if a main eventer doesn't have a match at the Rumble that he's going to be in the damn Rumble match itself. It's been like that FOREVER. Why wouldn't Cena, Triple H, HBK and Big Show be in the rumble? Seriously. Why is this supposed to be a shocking revelation? It's not a selling point people. How many of you at home were thinking, "Oh man, I wonder if Triple H is going to be in the Royal Rumble this year?" Why the fuck wouldn't he be in the Rumble? Its Triple fucking H for Christ sake. Wait a minute, JOHN CENA is in the Rumble? OH MY GOD I AM SO FUCKING SHOCKED. Even complete idiots know these guys are going to be in the Rumble. How fucking stupid do these writers think we are? I'm sorry for the language but I was so irritated last night.

The King and Michael Cole are idiots, we all know that. But Vince McMahon is partially responsible for feeding them some of this crap. RAW sucks. John Cena isn't in the WWE title match and King thinks its shocking as hell that he's in the Rumble...watch out Jimmy Wang Yang and Chris Masters because you might not win now!! Give me a break. What else are HHH or Cena going to do? Have a nice dinner in the back and invite all their closest friends? Ugh.

The guest host thing is fine...SOMETIMES. Jon Heder was hilarious but it needs to end. I'm over it. Its time for Vince to look in the mirror and realize his product on RAW sucks monkey ****. Smackdown is fine and ECW is fine so why does RAW consistently blow?

Rant over.
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The only real comment I have about tonight's show is that Jon Heder was hilarious. He, in my opinion, was one of the top 5 best guest hosts. He was fantastic on the mic (heck, I'll even put him being better than 80% of the WWE roster), he was brave and courageous enough to wear that Ric Flair-looking robe, brave and courageous enough to show his body when he removed the robe, he sold that kick to Hornswoggle and punch by HHH quite well. Overall, I'd have to give Jon a 9/10. =D
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I didn't watch RAW but i was reading about The King and Michael Cole's stupidity and i have to say it made me laugh. RAW is so ridiculous right now.

That's exactly why i don't watch RAW anymore, the way they insult people's intelligence. Plus the fact that they just don't try anymore. It seems like zero imagination goes into the writing in WWE at the moment, especially RAW.


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First off, I couldn't believe it when I heard those two major mistakes from The King, especially when he said Randy Orton Randy Savage. But we've been saying at these forums for the past few months that this team is awful, so we shouldn't be surprised if they sucked again last night. But I do agree that they need to seperate this team.

Now on to the last segment, personally I thought it was pretty good, obviously that we all knew that these four main guys would be in the Royal Rumble, but the cool thing that no one expected and probably even you is HHH throwing HBK over the top ropes. Hopefully this will be the beginning of having this stupid version of DX seperated.


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this thread made me LOL...literally lol...

i agree that raw sucks and the announcers suck but the way you said all of this was priceless and golden
I agree, the announce team is awful. I have never liked Michael Cole, his voice grinds on my nerves. I like King, but mainly when he is tagged up with Ross, who I think is awesome. Maybe Ross and King will get put back together at some point in the future?

The Guest host thing can end... after Stone Cold and The Rock. Wait until after that to kill it. Haha.


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Michael Cole shows passion when he commentates, which you probably don't see too much now a days, in smackdown or perhaps ECW?

King and Cole were good back in the hey day of the Attitude Era, because well they could say pretty much anything lol.