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Sad Oh dear Nokia


aka ginger warlock
Source: The Register

Nokia is hoping an emergency rebate program will mollify American consumers who rushed out and bought the company's new flagship Windows phone - only to get bitten by a serious wireless data bug. The Lumia 900 is Nokia's big comeback phone - and also Microsoft's biggest ever shot at the mainstream US market.

It was launched at the weekend with a 21-gun salute, and while no reviewers put it ahead of the competition, it was generally well-received. Especially with a price point of $99.99 upfront, on a two year AT&T contract. But users found a serious radio bug that killed cellular data.
You really do have to feel sorry for Nokia. For years Nokia were at the forefront of everything with regards to mobiles, they were one of the most popular and most used mobile makers on the planet.

I think it would be difficult to pin point when it all went wrong but the rise of touch screen films such as the iPhone and the Lumnia 900 with the help of Microsoft was meant to be the phone to bring them back into being taken seriously.

Now it could be seen that this is a small bug that to Nokia's credit they found and published the bug and are trying to put out the fires but the fact is that with so much riding on this would think they would do everything they could to make sure no problems occoured.


Registered Member
Oh man....
And to think that Nokia used to be one of the biggest players in the mobile phone industry. I guess the smartphone revolution has really hit them hard. Yet they devise a plan, bet everything on one card and then this - it's really sad. I hope they can pull themselves out of this and start prosperisng again, it would be a real pity if Nokia had to go. Just fix the bug guys, fix it ASAP! Or you could just blame everything on Microsoft :D


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Wow, that really is bad. I remember when Nokia was the front-runner in the mobile industry -- everybody had a Nokia at my comp (high school) -- the competition wasn't "Who has the newest smartphone", but "Who has the nicest Nokia"! I hope they don't go under. Market changes do lead to companies coming and going, we all know that, but it would be like a piece of mobile phone history going under the waves if Nokia folded because of mistakes like this.