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Oh crap! The toilet's plugged!!!!


Creeping On You
Last summer, like a month after I moved in, I used the washroom and when I flushed, it plugged up. I looked around for the plunger because when this happens I just use the plunger and unplug the toilet. I couldn't find the plunger. I texted my roommate because he wasn't home, asking if he had a plunger. He was like 'no, just call the landlady'. I was like uhh....No, i'm not calling the landlady JUST to unplug the toilet haha. I just walked down to the store and bought a plunger and unplugged it myself. Super simple.

So what about you guys? Are a capable plunger wielder or do you have to call in help when your toilet backs up?

Feel free to share any related stories as well. However, try not to be too gross about it lol.


Sally Twit
We have a really slow water system in these flats. When you flush the toilet you can hear it working its way down the pipes for a good fifteen minutes. Same as when you've had a shower or ran the tap for a while. It's annoying.

Our toilet has been blocked a few times because of this and also because some stupid people decide to flush nappies down the freakin' toilet. We had to call a plumber out once because one morning I flushed my toilet and the water came right up... And it wasn't clear water let me tell you. We tried to use the plunger but it didn't work.
I called a plumber as it was a weekend and I didn't think my landlord would help. Plus I was pretty embarrassed by what the toilet looked like. We also noticed the pipe on the back was shaking each time we tried to use the plunger. When the plumber arrived I warned him of this but he didn't seem to listen as he vigorously plunged the toilet and the damn pipe fell off! You do not want to know what the room looked like after that. Needless to say the plumber left, I had to clean it up and he didn't charge me.
I got in touch with my landlord and he sent someone out a couple of hours later and he had proper tools, including an aquavac which saved me having to finish the job.
What I saw I would not wish on anyone. The plumber later told me the blockage had come from the flat above and he assumed they were trying to flush something they shouldn't have.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I'll knock on wood before I respond here...

I've never had a plugged up toilet before and I hope I never have it happen. I do have two toilet plungers so I would have something to fix it with if it comes down to it.