Divisive Oh Canada


Alberta contributes more than twice as much to the Canadian economy as the next two largest contributors combined. Our reward is to be annually robbed to bribe voters in the East, particularly Quebec and Ontario. Trudeau is in effect saying "Pay up and shut up" to those Canadians who actually work for their money while at the same time running up an atrocious debt. The current debt for this country is over $70 Billion dollars and climbing fast. Who is going to be left paying the lions share of that bill? We know who it won't be. And while Quebec flaunts it's recent "surplus" (their word, not mine) those in the West face record cuts.

Saskatchewan until recently was a net negative contributor to the economy but has managed to turn things around by investing in economic growth, while Quebec, and to a large extent Ontario and Newfoundland seem content to receive perpetual handouts instead. Alberta cannot afford to continue being the welfare state of the country, and by virtue of the Liberal's immigration policies, the wold.

As Trudeau and the Liberals continue to run up debt at a fever pitch , they continue to ignore pleas for change emanating from the West. It's gotten to the point where even a Liberal shut out in the West can't ensure they can get someone in power who will represent their interests. If the status quo is permitted to continue the Canadian economy will sink and the Western provinces have no desire to go down with the ship. The West has threatened to separate before as a means to try and get some respect from Ottawa. That was the smoke, this is the fire.


Not every hard working Canadian lives in the Western provinces, and to those who don't I'd like to say that if things don't change and the West separates, the responsibility of trying to keep what remains of Canada fiscally afloat will fall squarely upon you, and with the Liberals entrenched in Ottawa, good luck with that.
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