Offseason Awards Thread


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Gold Glove Winners (Fielding)

American League
C-Ivan Rodriguez
1B-Kevin Youkilis
2B-Placido Polanco
SS-Orlando Cabrera
3B-Adrian Beltre
OF-Torii Hunter
OF-Grady Sizemore
OF-Ichiro Suzuki
P-Johan Santana

National League
C-Russell Martin
1B-Derrek Lee
2B-Orlando Hudson
SS-Jimmy Rollins
3B-David Wright
OF-Carlos Beltran
OF-Andruw Jones
OF-Jeff Francouer/Aaron Roward (Tied in votes)
P-Greg Maddux

Silver Slugger Winners (Best Average At Respective Position)

American League
C-Jorge Posada, NYY
1B-Carlos Pena, TB
2B-Placido Polanco, DET
3B-Alex Rodriguez, NYY
SS-Derek Jeter, NYY
OF-Vladimir Guerrero, LAA
OF-Ichiro Suzuki, SEA
OF-Magglio Ordonez, DET
DH-David Ortiz, BOS

National League
C-Russell Martin, LAD
1B-Prince Fielder, MIL
2B-Chase Utley, PHI
3B-David Wright, NYM
SS-Jimmy Rollins, PHI
OF-Carlos Beltran, NYM
OF-Matt Holliday, COL
OF-Carlos Lee, HOU
P-Micah Owings, ARI

Bold-winners of both awards

More to come....


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I am really disapointed that Vernon Wells didn't win a gold glove this year, only if he remained healthy this season, he would of captured another one, because he's one of the best defensive fielders in the league.

I am glad to see my boy Orlando Hudson win another gold glove, I think he's the best defensive second baseman since Roberto Alomar.

Incredible Maddux wins his 17th gold glove.
I'm glad that Andruw Jones won a gold glove. Andruw struggled this season at the plate, but his defense was outstanding. Jones took alot of criticizm from the media and the fans of baseball. Jones worked hard to fix his swing and to regain some of his lost confidence. He never carried over his sturggles at the plate to in the field, whoever gets him in the free agent market will have themselfes a good center fielder.


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The race for the rookie of the year in the National league was pretty close, Braun won just by two points. Pedroia started really bad, but after a month of adjustment he played well and deserved this award. Congratulations to both players.


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C.C. Sabathia won the AL CY Young award.

Also, the AL and NL Manager of the Year will be announced Wednesday and then the NL Cy Young Award on Thursday, with San Diego ace Jake Peavy considered the favorite.
I am so surprised that CC won the Cy Young. C.C. played solid consistently throughout the regualar season. If the Indians offense could give him some run support he might have gotten a few more wins.

But C.C. couldn't find the plate in the playoffs. He crumbled when the light was on him, and his team was relying on him to pick up a win for their team. C.C was out pitched by Josh Beckett by a long shot in the world series.

I don 't think C.C deserved to win the Cy Young award this season because of his play in the playoffs. Josh Beckett completly dominated in the playoffs, and he should have taken home the Cy Young trophy.