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Official Strategy Guides


Son of Liberty
Ever spend the money on 'em?

I've found there have been some games in the past that seem almost impossible without the strategy guide. They can get expensive though, I've had a deal thing at the place I go to buy my games where if you purchase the strategy guide with the game you get a 10% discount on the whole purchase. I've also purchased strategy guides through online dealers using that E-Book type system. Printed it out and stuck it in an old binder for use during the game, at least that way I can recycle the paper after I'm done with the games. I've also heard there are some people that collect them and manage to make some money on ebay selling the old official guides.


Endangered Species
I was thinking about this very subject earlier today.

I was clearing a shelf that had a pile of books and other papers on it and buried underneath was the GTA4 strategy guide. I hardly used it for the game and only bought it as it helps with all the extra bits and pieces (like jumps and gun locations!) it is practically in the same condition as I bought it. The price was £12.99 ($20) I felt a little abashed by my stupidity in buying it, seemed a waste of money. I often pick up books(proper books:)) and put them back down when they are under £10, there are many book that I'd love to buy if I could afford them. Why did I blow £13 on a startegy guide I never used on a game I rarely play:confused: Its the last one I ever buy, I'll save the money and buy a book that I will actualy read next time. with the internet at our finger tips its easy to find the solutions to our gaming troubles... and if I still cant find the answer, I'll just ask you!:lol:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I think I have bought 2 or 3 guides over the last few years. If I get stuck I go to Game Faq's to find the walk throughs ands S Guides. Why pay for it when they are free and easy to find?

The only guides that I have ever seen go for big bucks on eBay are the old NES and SuperNES books. There has been a rising trend in S Guide collecting lately, how long it will last is anybodys guess.


Registered Member
It's funny when you get strategy guides, then get good enough at the game that you can point out the errors in the strategy guide.


Son of Liberty
with the internet at our finger tips its easy to find the solutions to our gaming troubles...
Thats a damn good point, In fact with GTA IV I actually ended up doing that very thing... I'd used the Net for all the Hidden items instead of just finding them by chance or blowing the money on a strategy guide.

There are a few I've looked back on and thought "WTF Was I thinking?" for example the NCAA Football strategy guide.... Football is football and I didnt think I needed it for Strategy purposes, I think I'd bought that one as more of a novelty than anything.


Well-Known Member
I've never bought a strategy guide, I never saw the point, most games, if you spend enough time working at it you will finish it.

Personally I think that games are a ton more fun without using a strategy guide, that way you actually accomplished something rather than somebody else telling you how to do it, you can say that you figured it out yourself.


Yes, I have. Many of them. I didn't want to spend hundred of hours searching for something when I can just have a guild help me out along the way. Now, with games like Final Fantasy 12 you almost need a guild just to get 100% in less than 200 hours. Imagine not having it -- needing a weapon and wasting hours upon hours trying to figure out the formula to get them. Sometimes guilds are just better than guessing and wasting time. If you're getting frustrated, that is. ;)

As of the last few years I haven't been buying them anymore since there are plenty of sites out there on the Internet to help you out. For free! Not only that, but they also perfect the guild whenever they can instead of releasing one seemingly rough draft of a guild that doesn't have everything you need out to the public for $19.99. Why buy that when you can get better assistants online? @[email protected];
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Likes snow
I buy them for games/series I really like. |:

They're mainly there for once I finish. Things like 100% completion, the few times I reallllly get stuck, and most of all for any artwork it may have.


I've bought a few before, but those were all ages ago. I got a few as gifts for subscribing to game magazines awhile ago as well. The last one I got was I believe Smash Brothers Melee.