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PlayStation 3 *OFFICIAL* PS3 Info - Price(s), Release Date, Controller, Games!!!

Which PS3 are you going to buy?

  • 20 Gig

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  • 60 Gig

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  • Neither (shame on you!)

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Unfortunately, I missed E3 06 Live on G4, but was able to find out afterward all the PS3 info I needed. I'm posting this thread so that people can know exactly what's going on with the PS3, coming from Sony's mouth, not mine. Here is OFFICIAL info on the PS3; feel free to discuss.

Release Date: November 17th, 2006 - U.S.A., Japan, etc.

Price: There will be two PS3s on the market, similar to how Micro's selling the 360. The differences are:

20 GB Hard Drive with lack of PSP Wi-Fi and one or all HDMI ports (not sure which)

60 GB Hard Drive w/ PSP Wi-Fi and all HDMI ports


My opinion is that each PS3 caters to a different person's tastes. Keep in mind that the $499 version would make Location Free Playback and data transfer through your PS3 to your PSP (and vice versa) obsolete. As for the HDMI ports, I think they're used for recording High-Definition TV and movies onto your PS3.

Controller: Breathe easy, Zelda-haters! The "boomerang" controller has been scrapped! In it's place is the Dual Shock 3, made in the same design as the controllers we Playstation fans have been using for years! Dodged that bullet, huh? But it's not completely the same! Sony has added motion-sensing technology to the controller, exactly how Nintendo has done with the Wii controller. This exciting technology was demonstrated at Sony's E3 press conference, when a demonstrator played Warhawk (a flight and ground combat game) and actually flew the plane with the controller! Using the controller, he pulled dives, swoops, even barrel rolls with ridiculous ease! This technology will go a long way in immersing the player and making games less cumbersome and more realistic.

You're probably wondering about games too. ign.com knows way more than I do there, so check them out! It's a great site.

Well, that's all. Sorry for my bad grammar LOL If you've got any questions, post 'em here. I'll be checking in. Later!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
If I do get one, it's going to be the $600 one. There's no point in going a step lower IMO.