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Official GF Music Review Club - Rise Against - Endgame


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Impact is going to give us our first exercise - apparently she has an album she wishes to have us listen to.

I will update the OP when I know better. She's keeping it very hush.

As a rule. Each review should be posted within 7 days of the review being started - This begins when Impact submits the album we're reviewing.
Although other reviews may begin before 7 days dependent on activity.
I will track and compile the ratings as accumulated for 7 days in total - Any submitted after that become invalid.

Looks like Impact has chosen what to review (post#2) --- Rise Against - Endgame.
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Yay, thanks for letting me go first Halfie.

First album we will be reviewing is the new album from my all time favourite band, Rise Against.

Rise Against - Endgame

Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Punk Rock / Alternative Rock

Track Listing:
Help Is On The Way
Make It Stop (Septembers Children)
Disparity By Design
Midnight Hands
Survivor Guilt
Broken Mirrors
Wait For Me
A Gentlemen's Coup
This Is Letting Go
Lanterns (Bonus Track)

You can listen to all the tracks here on Grooveshark. Lanterns is only available on YouTube though​

I know that at least two of us have already given this album plenty of plays, but more people definitely need to appreciate the awesomeness of Rise Against.


Haters gonna hate.
I have this album (the only RA one I have), and I find it too familiar. With the exception of the vocals, I really find their sound has just been done before. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy them quite a bit, I just think they sound like 1/6 or 1/5 of my iTunes.

Individually, I liked Endgame the most and Help Is On The Way least.

SCORE: 7/10


In the past year, Rise Against has climbed it's way into my top 5 favorite bands. With that said, I don't like all of their songs and a lot of the time they take a handful of listens to grow on me. With this album, I immediately liked 3 songs (Satellite, Broken Mirrors and Wait For Me). A few others sounded decent but took a little longer to make it onto my iPod. As of right now, after a little more than two weeks of heavy rotation, I'd say this is my new favorite from them. Barely edging out Appeal To Reason (although I still need to give the other albums more of a chance).

Favorite song(s)... Satellite, This Is Letting Go, Broken Mirrors, Architects, Make It Stop (September's Children).

Least favorite song(s)... A Gentleman's Coup, Disparity By Design.



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Better get this review out of the way before the torture of 5 songs only starts.

I'm probably a little biased in my review as this is my favourite band, or at least one of them. I love every album they've put out so far, from their punk rock beginnings to their alternative rock / pop punk later work. With Endgame they stuck with the softer side of Appeal To Reason, but they've also dug into some of the heavier stuff from their early work which is evident in Tim's vocals. On my first listen I fell in love with Satellite and it it still my favourite from the album. Other notable tracks are Make It Stop, Wait For Me and This Is Letting Go. The only let down being Broken Mirrors, but as it's impossible for me to dislike a Rise Against tune after a couple of listens I grew to like it. Another strong album from them, even if they are playing it safe in the mainstream.

Score: 9/10
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Rise Against are not constantly listened to by me, so to indulge so extensively in this album was a revelation.
I found this album extremely impressive.
The energy in it is fabulous, and keeps my attention for the majority. Certain tracks really hit me, such as Architects, Help is on the Way, Satellite and Wait for Me.

I love how Rise Against seem to amass a lot of different tones from song to song. Certain tracks struck me as 'easy going' as in, they are very mellow where listening is concerned, or heartfelt - whatever the word is - such as the above mentioned, Wait for Me and it's quiet, gentle opening. Beyond this comes a rocking assortment of music, that I look forward to listening to again and again.

As a downfall, a few songs do come a little short. Make it Stop and Disparity by Design were not overly engaging as the other songs, and Broken Mirrors left a bit to be desired, but overall it's pretty decent, if not awesome.



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I'm listening to this album (Rise Against - Endgame) right now ^_^.


I just finished it.

Songs I liked the Best: Survivor Guilt and Architects

I give it a 5 out of 10

To me Survivor Guilt was the best song on the album. I couldn't find anything wrong with Survivor Guilt , everything sounded great, the lyrics where really good. The other songs other than Architects was just average in my opinion. Keep in mind I rarely if ever listen to music like this.
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Oops, posted in the wrong thread.

Have all of the members reviewed this album now? I'm curious to see who goes next and what they pick.
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I'm pretty sure everyone has reviewed it.

If we all review it early on, do we have to wait a full week for the next one, or can we just move on right away?


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I think it's safe to move on right away. I'd probably give it a day or so after reviews seem to have dried up.

I'll post the next round shortly methinks.