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Official GF Music Review Club - Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4


Here's our next album to review...

Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst - Joe Budden

1. Intro (Pray For Them)
2. Aftermath
3. Role Reversal
4. Come Along
5. Mop Salad (skit)
6. Sober Up [featuring Crooked I]
7. Dessert For Thought [featuring Styles P & Pusha T]
8. 1000 Faces
9. Inseparable
10. Is It The Shoes? (skit)
11. Remember The Titans [featuring Fabolous, Lloyd Banks & Royce Da 5' 9"]
12. Welcome To Real Life
13. No Idea
14. Black Cloud
15. Follow Your Lead [featuring Joell Ortiz]
16. Stuck In The Moment
17. If All Else Fails​

Enjoy. ;)


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OMG, yay! Like I need a reason to listen to this again haha i'll get my review in shortly


Joe Budden is easily my current favorite rapper and most likely my favorite of all time, so it's going to be very hard to say anything negative about this mixtape. Haha. First off, this is a mixtape series that is easily as good and in most cases better than any studio album from any of your favorite rappers. Budden's biggest strength is his lyrics. He may not have the best ear for beats, but his pen game can salvage even the worst of them. He's considered "emo rap", which will either make you love him or hate him right from the get go. He also doesn't completely rely on guns, ho's & drugs for the subject matter of his songs... which is refreshing. Some of his best songs to date are on this CD. Some great samples, and surprisingly some really good beats. A couple of average songs keep this from getting a perfect 10/10 from me.

Favorite songs... Intro (Pray For Them), Aftermath, Role Reversal, Come Along, Sober Up, 1000 Faces, Inseparable, Remember The Titans, No Idea, Black Cloud, Follow Your Lead, Stuck In The Moment.

Least favorite songs... Mop Salad (skit), Dessert For Thought, Welcome To Real Life, If All Else Fails.

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This album has been getting played on an almost daily basis lately, so it's a fair assumption to say I love it. It's quickly moved into my top 20 favourite albums ever, maybe even scraping a top 10 place. Budden is a very easy to listen to rapper, and it's refreshing that he isn't scared to be a little emo in some of his lyrics. Best tracks for me are easily Sober Up, 1000 Faces, Inseparable and Remember the Titans, although with that last track, Budden is outdone by Royce and his verse is probably what makes it one of my favourites. I hate the Mop Salad skit, and although the other skit The Shoes isn't as bad, it still makes me deduct points. I'm probably a little biased though, as I generally hate all skits and see them as pointless additions. I give this a solid 9/10


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I don't know where to start on this mixtape/album. The best tracks for this album are Role Reversal, and Intro (Pray For Them). His sound has changed since "Pump It Up". This is definitely not my cup of tea.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

Again Sorry for the wait.


It's been a week... we gonna wait for a few more people or move onto the next person/album?


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Intro - Recycle beats from mood muzik 3? Invisible Man > Intro...not a good start, sorry.

Aftermath - Rocky sample was a nice touch. Seems like some feeling went into this. Not bad Joey.

Role Reversal - Good Shit Budden, need more songs like this. Music with a message. Niggas take notes.

Mop Salad Skit - I dont do skits, passsss.

Come Along - All i heard was Blah Blah Blah, nothing special here.

Dessert For Thought - Beat was tooo smooth for Styles P and Buddens, Pusha T could rock it tho.

1000 Faces - ewwww Creed, bad look bo. Decent Lyrics tho.

Inseparable - Oh buddy! Killed it. This is something people can relate to. Much better then sharing your financial status or love life. Touche Joey.

Sober Up - The beat is kinda corny. I think budden would shine on east coast beats not this polow the don new school fluff. The song probably pretty good but the beat leaves a bad aftertaste.

Black Cloud - Probably the best song on the tape. "Tongue on the devil's pitchfork to see how disaster tasted"

Shoes Skit - Passs

Remember the Titans - For such a strong line up im not really feeling it. Maybe a second listen could change my mind. Or maybe take out Banks verse haha

Follow your Lead - So much back and forth on this tape, Budden could be solid if he could keep his music like this

No idea - Strong song, had to play it twice

Welcome to real life - Singing the chorus is not for me. Other then that its a good song

Stuck in the Moment - Singing again...I really like the way the song builds up and the sample is decent.

If all else fails - This is more of a middle of the album song. Not the best way to finish but still not a bad song

I am really not a big budden fan. To be honest i cant stand him. I cant deny he has talent, but the way he handels his beef is upsetting and its hard to back a nigga like that.

Good work Joe Budden, but...i still dont like you you


Good, honest review. Can you throw out a rating, from 1 to 10? That way we can put it into the final score.

I think someone should get a hold of HES, get this thing rolling.