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Official GF Music Review Club - Boa Self Titled Album Boa


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Here's our next album to review...

Boa - Boa
1. "I Did It for Love" (featuring Sean Garrett)

2. "Energetic"

3. "Did Ya"

4. "Look Who's Talking"

5. "Eat You Up"

6. "Obsessed"

7. "Touched"

8. "Scream 1"

9. "Girls on Top 2"

10. "Dress Off"

11. "Hypnotic Dancefloor"

P.S. If anyone needs a way to listen to the album pm me and I will send you a link
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Thanks Kanji, that was really quick. This is the first album we've done that i've haven't ever heard before, so it should be interesting to listen to


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My Review:

1. I Did It For Love - This is one of the better tracks on the album its not the best, but it is really close.

2. Energetic - This is pretty much an average album track. Nothing is really special about it.

3. Did Ya - This is the shortest track on the album. I like this one just a little bit better than Energetic. Good, short, Club Banger.

4. Look Who's Talking - Another average album filler track. meh.

5. Eat You Up - This is the best track on the album with out a doubt.

6. Obsessed - Quite Possibly the worst track of the album.

7. Touched - I think this is a really good track that is probably over looked by a lot of people.

8. Scream - Yet Another Average Album Track

9. Girls On Top - This has a sort of old school sound that is cool. It even has some rapping in it.

10. Dress Off - Just barely a bit better that average.

11. Hypnotic Dancefloor - Yet Another Average Album Track

I give it a 8 out of 10.
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