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    The first game will be on Wednesday night on TNT at 8:30 PM. Mavericks swept Memphis in the first round and beat the defending champions the Spurs last night in 7 games. Phoenix won in game 7 vs Lakers and Clippers and havent had an easy way in. It will be a close series. Here are some stats:


    103.8 40.7 13.1 0.467 0.816 0.363


    112.2 36.1 27.4 0.473 0.811 0.379

    Mavericks have beaten the Suns 2 times this season and the Suns have beaten the Mavericks 2 times this season. Here are the box scores
    Dallas @ Phoenix
    Phoenix @ Dallas
    Phoenix @ Dallas
    Dallas @ Phoenix

    The game is 2 nights away so what do you guys think? Who will take it and move on to the 2006 NBA Finals?
    All the information you will need is found here.

    Game 1 Recap by Scott Mcgrady:

    First quarter

    The first quarter was very high scoring (35-29) and Phoenix came out on top at the end of 1. Phoenix shot a better percentage and got some open looks and Tim Thomas knocked down 2 three's early on and Nash had five assists to end 1. Marion got off to a very quick start with some easy shots under the basket and looks to be on his way to another double double.
    For Dallas, Dirk Nowitzki has got off to a slow start going 1-4 in the early going but 5-6 from the free throw line. Josh Howard had some nice drives to the basket ending the 1st quarter shooting 75% from the field (3-4) and recently Jason Terry has been getting his points, scoring eight points and shooting 50% from the field (4-5). A very close game so far with both teams fighting offensively.

    Second Quarter

    With Nash and Nowitzki sitting out, the bench for both teams got some playing time to start the quarter and nobody coming up big, but playing team ball. With Nash back in, he started with a scoring mentality and started getting his team, who started poorly in the 2nd in shooting shooting 54% from the field with him and 36% without him, get back in the game with Dallas getting close to taking the lead. Nowitzki still hasn't produced on offense yet the try to get him going.
    Nash continued to score, truly playing like a scorer whilst Nowitzki still looking to heat up. With about four minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Nash had the last 12 of 14 points for the Suns, shooting from everywhere and playing downlow and laying it up. Thomas has been shooting very well with 12 points including him serving up a facial on Nowitzki with about 4-5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. With about 2 minutes left Jason Terry had a very nice drive finishing with a two handed dunk to cut the lead to two points yet Phoenix kept their lead to end the half.
    At the end of the first half, the leading scorer in the game is Shawn Marion with 16 points yet Steve Nash has 15 points. For each team, Marion leads his team in points and Nowitzki leads his with 14. Steve Nash also finishes the half with 8 assists, leading in the game whilst Dallas have four players tied with one assist. Stackhouse finished the half shooting 75% with 3/4 field goals and Jason Terry finished the half shooting 50% with 5-10 shooting. Shawn Marion for the Phoenix Suns finished the half shooting 78% from the field with 7/9 field goals also with Steve Nash finishing with 70%, shooting 7/10.
    A very highscoring game for both teams, finishing the first half 62-58 for Phoenix.

    Half Time News:

    Josh Howard will apparently return to the game despite his earlier injury

    Third Quarter :

    Both teams started out with their starting five and Dallas started going to Nowitzki again yet his first shot was blocked my Marion. Jason Terry also comes out taking shots and with 9:31 left in the 3rd, Devin Harris drove to the basket, bumping off of Tim Thomas to make it his 3rd personal foul and DevinHarris got the three point play. with 9:07 left in the quarter, Diaw served a facial on Nowizki, adjusting his dunk to dunk over Nowitzki to the right of the basket, giving Nash his 9th assist. Harris keeps producing getting shots, steals and lay ups to cut the lead to two then gets another three point play with 7:30 left in the quarter, cutting the lead to two from not being able to hit the free throw, yet Nowitzki gets the rebound and dished it out to Harris who then passed it back and Nowitzki picked up his 16th point. Then the next play down, Griffin posted up and dish it out to Keith Van Horn, who nailed his first of first three's in the night making Dallas have their first lead of the night, 76-73. Diaw starts to produce more by making turn around jumpers in the key and making shots down low, making Phoenix lead by one with about 5:05 left yet Devin Harris made a jumper from the free throw line, making Dallas lead by one with 5:02 left in the quarter. Nowitzki started playing down low, getting offensive rebounds and putting up shots down low. With 2:42 left in the quarter, Barbosa drove to the basket and got trapped soon finding Bell on the baseline three and knocking it down pushing Phoenix's lead to three, 88-85. With 28 seconds left, Dallas took the lead 93-91 and Stackhouse nailed a long jumper to push their lead to 95-91 at the end of three quarters. Diaw led all scoreres with 24 points shooting 9/16 from the field and Nash had 17 points and 12 assists to finish the third. Marion also had 20 points and 8 rebounds, shooting 80% from the field for Phoenix. Devin Harris coming up strong in the third led all Dallas scorers with 21 points shooting 8/11 from the field and Nowitzki finished with 20 points and 14 rebounds, 6 of which were offensive.

    Fourth Quarter

    Dallas started out the fourth quarter strong starting with Stackhouse driving to the basket for an easy lay up and then Daniels made a lay up and got the foul, pushing their lead to nine, 100-91. Soon after, Diaw answered back with a lay up and a foul, making the score 100-95 for Dallas. Devin Harris kept driving to the basket and pushed their lead to 104-97 with 8:20 left, soon after Diaw made another shot to make it 104-99 but Harris answered back with another lay up, giving his 25th point and giving Dallas a seven point lead again. Bell fell to the floor with 5:30 left to play and didn't get up and went to the locker room and couldn't walk on it so he didn't return to the game. He was said to have a left calf muscle sprain. With 5:08 left in the quarter, Nash threw and right hand hook pass to Marion for an alley oop who slammed it down to give Nash his 15th assist. Harris then soon answered with another lay up past Diaw and got the three point play. Harris was 9/11 in the second half. With 2:11 left in regular time, Nash made a three pointer to cut the lead to four. Jason Terry then made two free throws with 1:53 left yet Nash answered back with a driving layup over Nowitzki making it a four point game. Nash then made another three to make it a one point game and then Harris tried to drive to the basket yet picked up a personal foul, letting Nash get his 16th assist from giving Marion a nice bounce pass off the pick and roll to give Phoenix the lead with 43.9 seconds left. Stackhouse then got a crucial turnover with 38 seconds left, to give Phoenix the possession. With 10 seconds left Harris nailed a jump shot to give Dallas a one point lead with four second left in the game. Phoenix then called a timeout advancing the ball to half court and Boris Diaw posted up and made a jumper to give Phoenix the lead 119-118 with 0.05 seconds left. Daniels had a bad pass forcing a turn over meaning Phoenix had possession with 0.05 seconds left. Phoenix won game one, 121-118. Boris Diaw had a career high in points and field goals made and a attempted with 34 points, 13 field goals made and 23 field goals taken. Nash finished with 27 points and 16 assists making 11/18 shots and Marion had 24 points and 13 rebounds. For Dallas, Devin Harris had a career high in points and field goals made with 30 points and 12 field goals made. Nowtizki also had 25 points and 19 rebounds.
    Phoenix is now up 1-0, next game in Dallas.

    Game 1 Box Score
    Game 1 NBA Recap
    Game Two Recap

    First Quarter

    Phoenix got off to a quick lead and Dallas looked to slow down their offense and pick up their defense. Steve Nash came out scoring, including a three not too long in the game. Josh Howard started the game and straight away got scoring. He had five of Dallas’s first 11 team points. Again Dallas tried to Nowitzki going and with 2:47 left in the quarter, Nowizki got double teamed and he saw the open Diop who slammed it down. Dirk Nowitzki went 6-7 including 1-1 from the free throw line. Dallas went on a 14-0 run near the end of the quarter which helped them get a 22-17 lead.

    Second Quarter

    Jason Terry starts off the quarter driving to the basket letting him get a three point play. House quickly hits a jumper inside the arc early on and soon after he hit a three cutting the lead to two yet Howard responded by driving to the basket and putting in a left hand lay up. Howard hit a key three with 8:10 left but Phoenix had a quick fast break to let Diaw score to cut the lead to three. Soon after Nowizki slipped through the baseline and got the three point play to keep Dallas in the lead, not letting Phoenix get in the lead. Howard continues to score and was 5-8 half way through the quarter. Josh Howard also battled for every rebound, something that only Nowitzki did in game one. Josh Howard didn’t show any signs of slowing down by hitting jumpers from everywhere. Diaw had 14 points to end the half. Nowitzki continued to get double teamed and he always found the open man and not forcing any shots. With 3:37 left in the quarter, Steve Nash drove to the basket and Howard swatted it out of bounds to make Phoenix force another turnover with only two seconds left on the quarter. Phoenix tried to score off of shots and three’s yet couldn’t get a shot so went to Diaw who had his career high in points in Game 1. With 1:14 left in the quarter, Nash threw a nice pass to Thomas who nailed a three to let Phoenix get the lead, 47-45. With 37 seconds left, Thomas nailed another three to force Phoenix’s lead to five, 50-45 yet Nowitzki again found the open man to again and the score at the end of the first half was 52-47 for Phoenix. Boris Diaw had 14 points and Steve Nash had 12 points and 8 assists to end the half whilst Dallas’s high scoring man was Dirk Nowitzki with 16 points and Josh Howard had 14 points.

    Third Quarter

    Terry again starts the quarter by driving to the basket to cut the lead to three yet Thomas answered back with a lay up. Van Horn then had his first field goal of the game to cut the lead back to three yet Howard tied the game with a wide open three yet Barbosa answered back with a corner three to push the lead again to three. Howard still hit shots from everywhere and Barbosa had another three to make the Suns 7-11 from the three as a team, two from Nash and two from Barbosa. Howard soon hits another three, from Nowitzki’s assist from the double team, to make him have 22 points with 9/13 with 6:55 left in the third and cut the lead to three. Diaw still couldn’t be stopped and being Phoenix’s go to man down the stretch when they needed points. Nowitzki found the opening on the base line after he did a spin more near the three point line and then drove to the basket to dunk over two Phoenix Suns players after the Howard missed the free throw. The game was tied at 66 until Jones hit a shot just inside the three yet Howard responded from getting two offensive rebounds and getting fouled to go to the line again and scoring 2-2 to tie the game again at 68. Dallas started going to a 2-3 zone to try and get Phoenix to shoot and stop Diaw from scoring yet Tim Thomas continued to hit big shots from inside the arc. Boris Diaw couldn’t be stopped and kept scoring in the key and Phoenix led 77-75 at the end of three.

    Fourth Quarter

    At the start of the quarter, Dallas started with Devin Harris instead of Howard with his four fouls. Stackhouse, who only had two points in the first three quarters, hit a three to start the quarter to put them in the lead yet Marion had a running jumper to put Phoenix up by one. Marion then hit another three to put them in the lead 82-78 and he hit the last 6 of 8 shots he had taken. Dallas go back into Nowitzki and scored of it to cut the lead to two. Next possession down, they go to Nowitzki again and backs down Shown Marion to hit a face away shot in the key to make it a tie game 82-82. Terry then hit a shot just outside the key to put Dallas in the lead yet Thomas then drove through the lane to tie the game again with 8:14 left in the game. Dallas then went to Howard yet he missed his three first shots in the fourth yet Terry started heating up after a cold start and Nowitzki continued to score and Dallas went on a 12-2 run with 6:16 left in the quarter. Thomas then stopped that run by hitting another three from the Nash assist and cut Dallas’s lead to three. Terry continued to try and score and drove to the basket after shooting 6-6 from the free throw line before and hit 1-2 to put Dallas up by four. Diaw continued to get the ball and continued to score shooting shots inside the key and Dallas had nobody to stop him. After a quiet night for Stackhouse, he had a big drive to the basket and got Barbosa to have 4 fouls and Stackhouse got Dallas back up by five after the three point play. Howard then scored after going cold to put Dallas up by seven, 96-89 yet Diaw then had a hook shot over Diop to cut the lead to 5. Nowitzki drove to the rim with 1:32 left and had a reverse lay up to put Dallas’s lead to seven. Dallas continued to go to Nowitzki down the stretch and he hit two key free throws to make it 100-93 for Dallas. Thomas then hit a big three to cut the lead to four yet had to intentionally foul Stackhouse. Stackhouse then hit one of two free throws to make it 101-96 with 37.5 seconds left. Thomas then missed a three and Dallas had the ball with 23.9 seconds left. Nowitzki then got fouled and make two of two free throws to make it 102-96 and Thomas missed another three and Phoenix then intentionally fouled Nowitzki and made one of two and made it 103-96. Stackhouse then made two of two free throws and Nash made a running jumpshot but Dallas won 105-98.

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    I finnaly decided who I am going to take for and that is the Phoenix Suns. I love Steve Nash too much and I really want him to win a NBA championship. This is going to be a fast pace and high scoring games the way it should be played. I think it's going to be a hard fight to the finish but I have a feeling that the Phoenix Suns will take it in seven games. The suns have a few players who can stop Dirk for example Shawn Marion but Dallas as no one who can stop Steve Nash. Can't wait for wednesday tip off. Go Suns Go.
  3. oxyMORON

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    damn, they're pretty close. I'm pretty sure DEFs gonna pick up so those PPGs are going to go down a little
  4. Babe_Ruth

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    On paper it should be a high scoring games because both teams only care about their offence and not there defence but I have a feeling that's going to change after game 1. They'll notice that the better team defensivly will win the series.
  5. oxyMORON

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    I was thinking that Mavs were focusing more on their DEF this year with Dampier and Djop. If Mavs were more like last year, they'd be out already.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Yes Avery Johnson focused on their defence this year but I said that they were more offensive then they're defensive which is true. Both team can play defence but they rather score then defend.
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    I'm going for Dallas because Phoenix had their chance here last year and Dallas got knocked out before. Last year in this situation i would have picked Phoenix, just because i loved Amare and they played so well, this year i dont like them as much, i can't really explain it. I think Dallas will win this series because they've played very well up until now and Phoenix havent done very well to tell the truth. I'm going for Dallas in 5 or 6 games.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    I believe if Amare was playing this year I would be going for Dallas because I hate Amare, I don't know why I hate him that much but I just do, maybe because he's so damn good. Yes Dallas did get knocked out before, but still Dallas still had their chance as well they just blew it against the Spurs.
  9. oxyMORON

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    Dallas needs to play with the same intensity as they did with the Spurs. Just because they knocked out the defending champs doesn't mean that everyone else is going to be easy. Suns have plenty of weapons as well.
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    its gonna be a high scoring series....both teams barely have defense

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