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Official 2011 Prediction Thread


not a plastic bag
I've wanted to do this for years, but always forget. I want to do a prediction thread for 2011. Some general rules that I made up:
1 - Nothing about yourself.
2 - Limit 4 predictions
3 - Any category is fair game: sports, religion, politics, celebrity, music
4 - Thread closes on Jan 10
Those are just general suggestions for rules actually. If anyone can think of ways to improve it let me know.

So what do you think? Who wins the Super Bowl? What will be the biggest movie? What celebrity will die? etc...

I'm still thinking it over and will post my 4 later.
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Registered Member
1. Measels breaks out in Europe. That means Mother Nature is trying to do her thing.
2. Commodities markets soar. That means simple items like cotton, leather, and coffee beans become important.
3. Man-made disasters will include nukes. Either by accidental launch or by provoked action either North Korea will slip or Islamists will explode dirty bomb underwear.
4. Casey Anthony will get the death penalty.


The Hierophant
Hiei's Predictions for 2011:

1. Americans start to feel the effects of the massive amount of debt that we're in. Possibly worse than the great depression.

2. North Korea will declare war on some country, which will provoke WWIII.

3. Obama will continue to spend the US into further oblivion until he breaks the economy. China will want to collect on their debt and will side with North Korea against us in WWIII.


I'll save my fourth one for now. I want to have at least one positive prediction.


Registered Member
1. North & South Korea will have a huge war.
2. The Chinese yuan will join with other country's dollars against our dollar.
3. A major nuclear accident will happen.
4. There will be another massive off-shore oil disaster.

I hope none of those happen and I hope somebody can think of a good prediction.
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Where is my Queen?
1. WWIII will start due the North and South Korea going to war, and with the US economy crashing will leave us vulnerable.

2. Miami Heat will win the NBA Finals.

3. Michael Douglas and Larry King will die.

4. MIT will know how to spell. :lol:


Registered Member
There will be another huge terrorist attack on the U.S. Hundreds will perish.

There will be an assassination attempt on President Obama.

Casey Anthony gets life in prison without the possibility of parole.

*I'll keep my 4th for a little later*


not a plastic bag
that was some horrible spelling GB. lol. *fixed

I think I'm ready:
1 - South Carolina will win the SEC football championship
2 - The Euro will collapse and the IMF will emerge with a new currency for Euro-Asia
3 - South Korea will invade North Korea. The war will be very short as the North lays down their weapons and surrenders. Eventually Korea will be one nation again.
4 - I think I will save my 4th also. I have several more, but I will choose the best one.


Registered Member
1. People become increasingly worried about 2012
2. Tigers will become extict
3. Christmas will become a step closer to been banned due to the fact it is "Racist"
4. A Brit will not win at Wimbledon


Son of Liberty
1. North Korea will Sabre Rattle for yet another Year.... but no ramifications for their actions will be taken for fear of Unknown Nuclear Repercussions.

2. Successful Telephone developers; "Research in Motion" and "Nokia" will go bankrupt.

3. it will be an exceedingly dry year.

4. Nothing will change from this year.


Registered Member
Really, folks?

Here's a couple of mine:

  1. No nukes will be detonated by any recognized government. Yes, this includes countries like Iran and NK, regardless of what you think of those governments.
  2. Some sort of small scale local conflict will take place, but WWIII will not come about. Iranians (and other nationalities, for that matter) on the whole generally like to be alive and China will scuttle relations with NK long, long, long before international conflict becomes a possibility.