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Office Workers - do you have a clean desk policy?


aka ginger warlock
One thing I have noticed working in many office environments is that all places seem to have different attitudes in how users should and shouldn't have their desks. In some places people have pictures of family & kids etc within their cubicles; other places work on a hot desk situation so people are not able to do this due to not being on the same desk on a day to day basis.

I don't have a problem with people having photos etc but I can see why some people may, it is a work environment at the end of the day, in one environment I worked in someone brought a fridge in in the shape a Budweiser bottle and was asked to remove it.

What is the policy in your office? Do you have photos or toys on your desk? Is the attitude that you are there to work and nothing else a fair one; you are not at home at the end of the day.


Registered Member
We're a very relaxed office. Some desks, like mine, are neat and organised because I'm a bit obsessvie about that kind of thing. Others are filled with everything from week-old dirty plates ( :-/ ), to family photos, to musical instruments and magic 8 balls.


Sally Twit
We are allowed anything we want on our desks. They don't even mind if you stick things on your monitor.
At Christmas some of us will put tinsel on our desks and they allow that too. It makes the atmosphere in the office more laid back and I think people get more done because of it.


Registered Member
My desk right now has to be pretty much cleaned off, since I'm helping people with their taxes so they have to bring in a bunch of paperwork, and we need to have room for them to put it. Otherwise, as long as it wasn't too messy it would be fine.


I have to have a clean desk policy because my boss wants it that way.
Given that I work almost in the same office with him then he's able to see everything I do and what's on my desk. He hates it when he finds any bottle of water, coffee, tea or anything else unrelated to work-papers. He wants only them to be on my desk and they should be as organized as possible. Actually, he doesn't want to see anything else in the office except things that are work-related.
And I try to keep unrelated stuff as hidden as possible.


It's not me, it's you.
As far as I know, I could put anything I wanted in my area. I would assume that it need to be unoffensive, since I work the front desk and assist customers when they come in. I currently have a decorated "P" with confetti and such, a paper weight that is decorated with a black and silver "P"...and 3 McDonalds happy meal toys. 2 of them from puss and boots, and then one of them is Alvin.

I don't really like the toys. Someone gave them to me and I put them on my desk to be polite, but I don't really want them.


Registered Member
I don't work in an office setting (I work retail), but if I did I would go nuts if I couldn't personalize an area that I had to be in for 8 hours every day! Not big-time personalization, necessarily, but SOMEthing other than papers and computer and empty dull desk.

I'm a creative, artistic, left-handed person, and we creative, artistic lefties are well-known for being a little...well, I can't even think of the right word. We just like fun stuff, I guess. I would like things in my area that inspired me or lifts my spirits. Or keeps me from being too bored, I guess. That kind of atmosphere would NOT interfere with work for me, but it would actually make me happier to work there because I would be more comfortable.

I guess in my situation, it is sort of like a dress code. Which where I work, they really don't have much of one. You can pretty much wear anything as long as it's decent and doesn't interfere with work. Which is fine by me. :p


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
My desk isn't clean like it should be. I deal with a lot of paper work, and I mean a lot. At times, I just don't have time to make my desk look all that clean, but I still try to maintain order so I don't have issues finding my stuff.

I don't have any photos or toys on my desk, but I do have a couple of pictures on my cubicle wall of Babe Ruth(who knew ;)). I also have a coffee mug, mostly there for look don't use it all that often, and when I do it's not to drink coffee.