Offensive T-Shirts Worn At School

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Mirage, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Mirage

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    Recently a kid wore a shirt that says "Abortion is not healthcare" to a school in PA. He wore it on the day Obama spoke to Schoo Children about staying in school as a form of protest. Something you'd think would be protected under the 1st amendment.


    He was forced to turn the shirt inside out because it offended some students. His father is now suing the school district WITH the support of the ACLU, surprisingly.

    So what types of shirts should schools legitimately be able to ban?

    I mean, is the fact that somebody gets offended by it enough to ban it? There are a lot of things that people could put on shirts and it would be hard to find something that didn't offend anybody. Some people would even get offended by a simple smilie face.

    I think the school was in the wrong here. As far as I know the dress code for most public schools is somewhere along the lines of:

    1. No profanity
    2. No crude imagery including porn
    3. No beer or drug references

    Keep in mind we are talking about public schools here. The school in question was a middle school.

  2. redsoxocd

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    Those are the only things that should be allowed on clothing in school
  3. MAgnum9987

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    No gang symbols. That is highly emphasized in my school. But I do not believe profanity, drug/alcohol references should not be. We all encounter them, hell, even on tv. If they are allowed on tv, why not in school. And it is against the 1st amendment
  4. redsoxocd

    redsoxocd living on the border

    schools are actually able to go against the first amendment and for good reasons. Just because somethings on t.v. doesnt make it right for kids to braodcast
  5. Twitch

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    This is part of my school's dress code..

    Any apparel or item expressing vulgarity or with a message advocating or highlighting violence, weapons, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, or illegal behavior, or regarded by administrators as dangerous or adversely affecting the educational process, may not be worn.

    Even though alot of kids have shirts with guns and stuff while in that school, which I'm perfectly fine with, it's not like I'm going to say, "Ooh that person is wearing a shirt with a weapon on it, I'm gonna buy one and start killing people!"
  6. BigBob

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    I've gotten introuble for many shirts I've worn to school. The two big ones was:


    and the other one, I can't find a picture of it said on the front really big, Fupped Uck.

    I understand getting in trouble for the Fupped Uck one because it was in middle school, but that DX won I wore in high school my junior and senior year. I never got in trouble for it until my senior year. I think it's okay to censor stuff in high school, but if it's blocked out a little like my one t-shirt was, then it should be okay.
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  7. CaptainObvious

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    This is exactly right, school districts can ban political messages if they wish, regardless of the First Amendment.

    However, I've seen lots of political t-shirts worn by teenagers these days in school, and if this school allowed certain t-shirts to be worn without incident and prohibited this one, then the kid is right in suing the district.
  8. Merc

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    CO echoed my thoughts exactly. I see no problem with them silencing political voices (As long as they're doing it equally) but with the amount of stuff that is allowed, the kid is right to sue.
  9. ExpectantlyIronic

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    The school probably took issue with the shirt because it addressed abortion. At the school I went to, many teachers prohibited the topic as a subject of papers, speeches, and/or debate; because the controversy over it was considered heated to the point where it could cause significant problems if brought up. Not sure if I agree or not, without ever having taught a class and knowing how such things go, but in general I think political t-shirts and the like should be allowed, as students should be encouraged to think and discuss things, and to take an interest in politics and matters of controversy. I do not think schools exist to teach obedience or uniformity.
  10. FindMuck

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    Anything allowed in the constitution should be allowed at school.

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