Offense vs Defense

offense or defense?

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4 legs good 2 legs bad
When you watch sports do you prefer to see a really high-scoring game where the defenses can't stop the offenses, or do you prefer low-scoring games where the defenses dominate? Or do you like a balance between the two?
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Depends which sport to be honest with you, obviously I want my team to play both, good offense and good defense. But in Basketball I much rather see a high scoring game, in hockey I rather have a low scoring game, in baseball it doesn't matter both are exciting to watch, and it football I much rather see a high scoring game then low scoring game,


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I kind of agree with Ruth.

In baseball, good defense often consists of good pitching, nice plays in the field, etc - all of which is fun to watch.

In football, it can be fun watching sacs and interceptions, but incomplete passes, offensive penalties (etc) tend to be boring.

In sports like hockey or soccer, it's cool watching a great block, or a diving stop, or something, but for the most part, it's just a defender getting in the way of the offense, which isn't that exciting.

Basketball's like hockey and soccer - steals are cool, blocked shots are cool, but otherwise, it's kind of dull. Not to mention the fact that a "lot of defense" in basketball still often involves 85+ points being scored by the other team, which is kind of dumb, IMO.
Offense wins games...but defense wins championships, which is unfortunately why the Steelers are 6x Super Bowl champs. I'd rather watch a defensive game (i.e. Ravens) and see some sacks, hard-hitting and interceptions.


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It definitely depends but I won't lie a high scoring game is always fun to watch. Sometimes they can get out of hand though.

Like when guys were on steroids and you played in Coors Field and the games would end 17-14 and position players were forced to pitch because nobody was left...I dont like that.

Offense is more exciting then defense for me overall, however


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Always Always Always a low scoring high defensive game.

High scoring games are fine and all that, but to be honest its the whole reason I cant get into basketball. I see 90-93 or 100-102 on the scorecards of those games and I cant help but think... what were the first 90-100 points for?

Hockey, Football, and Baseball... all three sports can be cracked open in the split of a second for a floodgate of points. In football there could be a huge kick return that collapses the other teams momentum, in baseball a single swing of the bat can put a team up 3-4 runs, in Hockey a fight followed by a power play can result in 2-3 quick goals. But the thing that makes those instances more interesting to me than that high scoring shootout like basketball... is that those are the kinds of instances that can come from a game thats been knotted up 'till the last minute of the game to whipe out a 0-0 game.

Theres nothing more entertaining to me in hockey than a Goalie standing on his head (playing really really good). When the NHL front office changed the scheme of the game so that more scoring would be encouraged... I was very upset to see the days of shutouts and one goal games be slimmed like that. It just seems like it was a punishment for the defenses that have gotten so good.

Like mcfranklen said: Offense wins games, but Defense wins the championships.

And as far as I'm concerned, the warm body weekend warrior fans who only see a game or two a year go to the games, but the Real die Hard fans are there to the championships.
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I prefer the high scoring games especially when they are close high scores because there are often the best shots, touchdowns and goals when its a high scoring game


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It all depends.

Since I played on the defensive side in football, I much prefer to see defense in football games. I do enjoy huge runs or ones that the runner runs over the defense and makes them look silly. Not a huge fan of the passing game.

Baseball.. it depends. I'd rather watch a game with a couple home runs with non-steroided players.. but I love diving catches and catches like Ken Griffey Jr. is famous for.

Hockey, to me, is all about the defense. I love the hitting, the hitting.. and the hitting. I'd much rather every game be a shoot out.

Soccer I like to see lots of goals. I don't see much defense really in soccer period except for "slide tackles" which does nothing for me.

When it comes to basketball, I love the huge blocks and steals that lead to the ridiculous dunks more then the shooting aspect. It'll never get old seeing people like Shaq becoming a dominant big man again or LeBron powering his way through the inside.. but no one will ever play the game better then Michael Jordan did.. except maybe.. just maybe LeBron.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
For the most part I enjoy a good balance between offense and defense, but probably a slight edge to the defense. I think it should be hard to score.

I like the football games where field position is crucial. It bugs me when teams are able to march down the field and score every time they have the ball. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing good offensive production, but not when it's because the defense is always out of position and missing tackles, etc.

Basketball is a high scoring sport by nature, so I prefer the low scoring defensive battles where every basket is important. The high scoring games usually lack physical play. I like the more physical games.

Baseball I definitely enjoy great pitching. I think the 1-0 or 2-1 games are the most exciting and just getting on base is something to cheer about. Makes the game feel a lot more intense.

With soccer and hockey I prefer to see at least some scoring. It's boring when both teams sit back and play conservatively to a 0-0 draw, but at the same time I've seen a lot of exciting 0-0 games, so it depends a lot more on how the teams are playing than the final score.


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In soccer, I love tight games, where it's 0-0 in the 70th minute, it just shows that the both teams are vaguely playing well, both their offense and defense and well, but I also love the highscoring games, if one team is scoring 5-0 by half time, that's a bit ridicilous and very boring to watch because if the defense let in 5 goals, they are to let more, and it just turns the game off for me.

In Aussie Rules, I LOVE DEFENSE because it involves tackling and taking awesome marks, in offense I love watching a player take a screamer in the offense fifty and booting a magnificent goal from impossible angles.
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