Of the state of war


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Our government is a strict adherent to the art of war, and that is why the media is limited, and deception is so widespread, for to enlighten the masses, may give rebel forces an advantage, and/or result in increased dissent. Therefore, instead of giving truth, we are giving deception, as fear of spies causes the government to treat her people, as if they were the enemy…

Some still continue to support the war, for the government creates the illusion that victory is near, despite in reality, victory is increasingly distant, with every failed military strategy. To seek to abolish terrorism requires terrorism, in that only by way of terrorist tactics, such as espionage, extortion, and imposing sanctions on terrorist in order to expose the strategy of other terrorist, can the terrorist be truly stopped, and their tactics thwarted. Terrorism includes all that which violates ones rights, such as initiating force, or pursuing destruction, or spying. We can’t limit terrorism to those that attack us, for to do that, would be neglecting the terror we ensue on others. We must look at this situation in a neutral position in order to be able to fully understand who is in the wrong, and who is in the right.

What we should be doing, rather than abolishing terrorism, by declaring war on terrorism, is seeking to convert terrorist, by negotiating peace. Some say they don’t want to negotiate peace, but these people fail to understand that negotiating peace requires certain characteristics in order to be effective. For example, it requires love, benevolence, modesty, sincerity, honesty, patience, persistence, and even compliance. Failure to attain any of these characteristics only hinders the peace-talk, making it seem impossible, killing hope for those who seek peace. If peace talks fail, they are flawed in some way or another, whether it is by contempt, or whether it is by lack of sincerity that deludes the effectiveness of the talk.

A standard of value must be applied to all situations, from times of war, to times of peace. Values is what separates our government, from the scattered, yet rising, brotherhood, otherwise known as the Revolution… for the revolution knows that terrorism is to broad to abolish, and thinking like an enemy, or engaging in all tactics, regardless of the morality of the tactic, only results in becoming an enemy. To destroy evil, requires that good become evil. War never fails to corrupt the good, for it brings to mind the necessity of thinking evil in order to stop evil, or understand it. Our nation is run by pervaded minds that have fought in war, and were made senile as a result.

The more we adapt the principles of the art of war, the further our country will be from victory, for deception creates more enemies than it diverts, especially when it is as widespread as it is now. All people are bound to be inflicted by deception at some point, creating a deceptive world, for the herd is largely influenced by its externals, and if its externals are deceiving, the sheep will deceive.

Conceding to an obscure government is like surrendering to an alien. For the people to remain united, they must be giving the truth in entirety, regardless of the foreign countries that seek to do us harm, for ignorant drones are less effective than united, enlightened, supporters.

To silence the Revolution, is to turn on the people… to allow this to happen, without a passionate attempt to prevent being silenced, is to give up on the war on terror. The Revolution seeks to empower the people, in addition to having a voice and influence, on the current affairs of our country. Our government can increase their powers, but they can not increase their strength without the support of the people. So it is up to us... we have two choices; one, find comfort in ignorance, ignoring or being thrown into denial of the fact that the government is putting us at risk or; two, join the Revolution, actively defending our civil rights, to which our government seeks to revoke, in order to enhance security. Trust me, Revolution will benefit more than submission. I realize some fear that it may put property at risk, but the opposite is true, for if we continue on, under such a fascist government, our lives will be endangered, and at country at constant peril, just as our forces will be enslaved… a country which makes living harder for the working class is at peril, and now, the working class are struggling to survive, as the dichotomy of the rich and the poor continues to grow. To merge this dichotomy, and remedy the war on poverty, we must stop war, for only in peace, do we have time to liberate the people.

Artificial Intelligence such as bots who produce misinformation has become the expendable spy, implemented on all people, through the main source of information, the internet. According to Sun Tzu, in war we are advised to “provide our expendable spies with false information and have them leak it to enemy agents”. The machine is our expendable spy. Knowing the importance of internet in gaining information, and realizing that human expendable spies are at risk for termination by the enemy, the internet was a perfect way to implement the use of an expendable spy, and its use is, more prominent, diffusing more ignorance, than ever before.

It may be beneficial, in terms of warfare, to keep the masses in ignorance, but this very principle, involving deceiving the masses, can also, no, will and has adversely affected our nation. If we are not informed of the real purpose of why we are at war, by those who control the administration of the war, then why should we give our support? We are being treated like the foe, subjected to various forms of manipulation, just so the government can preserve their secrecy. Considering the fact that we are being dealt with as if we were the enemy, in order to divert, fragment and manipulate the actions of the real enemy, we must ask ourselves, are we in a state of war with our own government?

The government makes us think that terrorist action was not provoked by pointing out times, prior to 9/11, in which, we supposedly took no part in causing war, and as a result of this illusion that we were the good guys, those who only seek to preserve their property, those who wish to live in peace, we were pervious to our enemy. Their rhetoric claims that in peace we are constantly at risk, making aggression, on our part, seem like the only way to protect the innocence of America, when in reality, in regards to terrorism, a war that can not be won, defense in the wisest choice against terrorist, for aggressively suppressing enmity, only creates and spreads more enmity, as we are no longer seen as a peaceful nation, rather we are viewed as a nation who wishes war, and as result, war is what we receive.

Prior to 9/11 we never really advocated peace; we always instigated war, by forcing other to abide by our demands. We blamed others for their obstinacy, when it is us who are obstinate, and even hypocritical, seeing how we demand all nations to stop researching weapons of mass destruction, despite our country having the most advanced most profuse, weapons of mass destruction of all. Terrorist are only a retaliatory force to our power. John Locke says this about war, “he who attempts to get another man into his absolute power does thereby put himself into a state of war with them”.

The American elite is trying to force peace, when they should be operating with patience and caution, making sure that if advancing will not be advantageous, than it, by no means, should be pursued. For the people to appeal to this war is obligatory to our safety, just as Revolution is mandatory to our protection and preservation of our civil liberties, which include both our right to privacy, and our right to free speech. Silencing the people or controlling what they say is another way of revoking our right to free speech.

We are individuals, we are people before we are subjects, to whom the government is to protect; putting us at risk for future attack is not protecting us. This high-tech security and surveillance system may seem like protection now, noting its immediate effects in stopping terrorism, but any man with prudence and wisdom acknowledges that subjugating the people, by enhancing security, will only foster terrorism; causing either anarchy, terrorist attack, uniformity, or Revolutionary War.

The only way to bring order to society, without use of force, is by honest, sincere, empathetic communication, in addition to positive reinforcement. Security and military force imposes punishment, but where is the reward? To create peace, in a region of hostility, where the animistic nature is a result of the depraved social condition, one must make peace more beneficial than war… Iraq gets paid to engage in war, but to live in peace; they receive nothing, but vulnerability.

Military establishment temporarily relieves violence, just as enhanced security temporarily relieves domestic insurrection, but once these establishments are withdrawn, or the security removed, we merely find ourselves back at stage one. Prolonged warfare is the reason why the Iraqi invasion was such a fatal, histrionic mistake... Only supportive leadership; supporting the Iraqi civilians, the infidels, in addition to the people of America and promise of reward can prevent future attacks on our great country. To continue warfare is to submit to slavery, to incite Revolution and refuse subjugation is to defend liberty.