Odom Out At A Month

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Kidd, Dec 13, 2006.

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    I was watching this game on The Score last night and I saw Lamar Odom land awkwardly on his knee. He still played for 1:30, but then left the game and didn't come back. This is going to be a big loss for the Los Angeles Lakers and especially Kobe Bryant. It's like Michael Jordan losing Scottie Pippen. Now defenders will concentrate more in stopping Kobe Bryant because they don't have to worry about another scoring threath like Lamar Odom brought to the team. Hopefully he comes back sooner then later and with the same effeciancy he started the season with.
  3. Fresh

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    The second leading scorer and basically their second option when Kobe not playing his best, he hit on just about every aspect of the game when he plays, right now the Lakers are playing well not sure how well they can play without him.
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh that just ruined 3 of my fantasy teams for the next little while.

    really hurts my head to head teams
    that and the fact that I also have Joe Johnson and and J-Rich on some of those teams.
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    oooo....they lost something big here!
    im sure kobe will step up....and since brown is out to bynum gets gets to prove himself.
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    Basically their second in comand has gone out with an injury and Kobe can do it alone no matter what his fans say. So the role players need to step up.

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