Oden will sit out 2-4 weeks with foot sprain

FOX Sports on MSN - NBA - Oden will sit out 2-4 weeks with foot sprain

This really sucks, I was hoping that he wouldn't get injured this year. Hopefully he's not going to be injury prone through out his career.

The Trailblazers have a good team, but they need him to have a great team.

maybe I'm biased cause the trailblazers are my home team but those idiots couldn't do a damned thing right... don't get me wrong I'm glad we aren't the jail bait team anymore like we were with the wife beaters and the drug smugglers we had a couple years ago. honestly I've seen Oden play and the hype is pointless, we need to focus on Rudy the spanyard, he is the one that will be taking us places. What I find funny is that Oden makes 1.5 million dollars more than any of the rest of the team, yet he's only played a handful of games and at the start of the season when he first rolled his ankle it looked like he would go two whole seasons never playing a game yet making more money then the rest of the team.

the only reason i even bother going to the games anymore, other then rudy and this really cute player whos name i dont know, is because blaze comes to our suite and i get to sexually harass him..... which is nice.


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I agree with you that Rudy Fernandez is a good player, can he carry this team, that's a big no on that one. I have more confidence in Roy and Aldridge carrying this team then Fernandez.

How can you say the hype is pointless. The guy is a defensive machine, he's 7 feet tall, 285lbs. He's a center that can change a game on defense, which is very rare these days. He's only played one game in the NBA, yes he just got injured, but he's the future of the franchise, no doubt about it.


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I agree with Babe. Centers like Oden don't grow on trees. A player with his size and ability can make a huge impact on the game. It's a shame he can't stay healthy.