Oden Done For The Summer

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Jul 10, 2007.

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    The Oregonian -
    Because of the obstructed air passage and the pain that accompanies the swollen tonsils, the Trail Blazers on Monday made a spur-of-the-moment decision: Greg Oden's tonsils need to be removed within the next three or four days, probably ending his involvement in the Trail Blazers' summer league play after just two games.

    A final decision hasn't been made on the surgery -- Oden said he wants to talk it over with his mother first -- but it appears likely that he will fly to Portland for a tonsillectomy late in the week, immediately after he takes part in a taping of the ESPYs award show in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The team and Oden's camp expect recovery to take about two weeks.

    If Oden has the surgery, it will end a trying and lesson-filled summer league. He struggled in his debut, scoring six points to go along with two rebounds before being disqualified for committing 10 fouls -- the maximum allowed in summer league. In his second game, Oden was better, finishing with 13 points, five rebounds and four blocks, while amassing nine fouls.

    All the while, Oden was playing with tonsils that Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard said were the size of golf balls. Because of that, Oden's breathing was hampered, limiting his stamina.

    "Right now, it's more of a thing that they are so big, that when I'm running up and down the court, it's hard for me to breathe," Oden said Monday after two impressive performances in scrimmages against Denver and the Los Angeles Clippers . "I can't get any air in there."


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    Will this effect him playing with team U.S.A.?
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    Even though this is only summer league it's kinda a big lost for the Portland Trail Blazers. Greg Oden needed to learn how to play without fouling so much, and the Summer League would of been a perfect start. Now with him bing out he'll need to learn during the pre-seaon and the start of the season. I'm sure he'll ajust but like I said Summer League is the perfect place to do it.
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    I think this will effect him a bit, because has you probably know he has had 19 fouls in two games, and I believe that's a concern, and if he continued to play in Summer Games then he probably would improve that aspect of this game. But he could barely breath so it needed to be done. He had problems with fouls in college and now it looks like he still has the same problem, it should take him a bit of time to defend better so he doesn't foul, but he needs to stop using his hands and elbows in a bad way.

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