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PC Games Odd Question, but I gotta know ;) Xbox on comp?


New Member
Yeah, I know it's an odd question, and obviously you're gunna ask, why would you want to play Xbox on the computer!? There's no reason! Just go away from the computer and play on a tv!

I've got a few reasons to why I'd rather play on the computer:

1.) It lets me be on the computer playing Xbox when I'm bored, but also able to chat and do numerous other things at the same time, like wait for that pesky 100% Power in a browser game ;).

2.) I can just open it up whenever I want to, without having to deal with hooking all the crud up.

3.) Controllers can get annoying for some of the games -.-

So, on to the more important thing in my eyes. Is there a way to play Xbox on the computer? No, I don't want the Xbox next to my computer hooked up with all the controllers and junk. I mean are there any emulators for Xbox out there for the computer?


Secret Agent
Staff member
As far as I know the only way is to hook your XBOX directly to your PC. I haven't heard of any working emulators that will work with XBOX games and features. Sorry. :(


Registered Member
Re: Odd Question, but I gotta know ;) Xbox on comp?

There are two projects out there that attempted to emulate the Xbox: CXBX, and Xeon. Xeon plays one game, and CXBX might play as many as 5. Development has been stalled on both of them... Ironic that the closest platfom to a PC has turned out to be so hard to emulate. I think it's because it treats all the games as live cds, and the OS to run them is contained on the DVD itself. The Xbox OS doesn't run games, as I understand it.

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