Odd... (Looking for books)


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Lately, as I was browsing Borders down in Glendale, California, I've been drawn to a specific type of book, though the genre of these books I can't name because I have no idea what genre they belong to. You might think my request is a bit odd... But I assure you... I am totally and completely sane

These books I look for include this, but are not limited to this small list:

- Utopia
- Anarchy
- Vampire Romance (courtesy of my girlfriend... -.-)
- Sci-Fi-ish vampire/evil being (NOT ZOMBIE AND NOT EXTREME HORROR) worlds...
- A boy (or girl) whose lived a really rough life, and been brought into the bad side of things. (Mafia, cults, etc)
- Or just books in general dealing with a "hard knock life" type deal. Like that one book "The Outsiders" (That was a really good book...)
- The "hardcore" but "cool" kids... The one's who dress like goths and punks, but they're actually awesome people and help others out, and they're creative, etc. (A book about their life?)

Now, before we get confused, I'm not looking for books ABOUT these things... I'm not looking for the mein kampf or some person's ideals on how to wage anarchist war. I'm looking for books about a person who lives in a world such as the ones said above. People who have lived their lives in hard times, with adventure, excitement, daring, cunning, you name it.

Also, there are no restrictions on the contents within these books. If you believe it to be for "mature" audiences... Well, I'm old enough, and I've read things with that in it before. I've proven that I'm mature enough for such things by not being corrupted by them

Any help deserves much thanks, and so, receives it


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I think 'Twilight' by stephanie meyer's meant to be about vampires and really good...i've not read it, but i've had it recommended to me several times.